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You might recall that Ragged and I started our very own little Sock Yarn Unclub back in April at Greencastle.  At that time, I had picked Knitting Notions (I had planned them as a pick at some point, and we being smart decided any money saved on shipping could be spent on yarn, so they were the April choice)

Now it’s June, and time for Miss Ragged to make her pick – Black Bunny Fibers.  We both ordered our selections last week, and I got mine today.

Black Bunny Fibers Merino in Patchwork

Black Bunny Fibers Merino in Patchwork

It’s a tough color to capture, but I tried.

Hello Gorgeous

You just don't have a bad side, do you?

Out of the wrapper

Love this.  Love it.  It’s more beautiful than the picture was, and more beautiful than my pictures are.  My own goal for the SYU was to try to get colors that I’m not going to dye myself, to really experience that dyer’s sense of color.  And I hit that mark with this one.

Since the whole goal of this unclub was to try different yarns we had been coveting, we’re trying to come up with patterns so we will use them soon.  I haven’t entirely settled on a pattern for the KN, and of course the excitement of new yarn clouds one’s judgment.  Stay tuned to see which one finds a calling first.

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