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Fibering like mad

Yes, I owe you a big post, but for now, just know that I’ve bought yarn and fiber,

Greencastle haul 2010

Greencastle haul 2010

and I’ve dyed yarn and fiber.

My dye day 4-11-10

You say it’s my birthday?

Why yes, yes it is.

My birthday tends to be iffy in enjoyment (getting rear-ended, attending a funeral, being sick, ad naseum), but I’m happy to report that this year had enough happy to offset anything else.

Through a lucky coincidence, I managed a four-day weekend by virtue of a dentist appointment and my birthday landing smack-dab on Easter.  Or Easter landing on it.  Whichever.

Thursday, Ramblin and I headed southwest to our friendly not-in-the-neighborhood dental team.  We have the best hygienist and dentist around.  Jenny from the Blog frequents them as well.  Then after a quick stock-up trek, we headed to my mom’s for lunch and to color eggs.

Friday, after Ramblin was set free from work, and a quick post-work nap, he christened the Lawn Mowing Season and grilled out (we’re up to four times this year already – yay!) some lovely sirloin and New York strip.  We also made our first trek of the season to the Dairy Dee.  Later that evening, we movie-theater-phobes finally got to watch Sherlock Holmes on our pay-per-view.

Saturday found us at odds and ends, until a chance wandering into the junk/fiber/yarn room to search for a kitchen scale inspired a streak of spring cleaning.  You can now see the floor.  It’s quite exciting.

Today, we packed up and headed to my mom’s for birthday/Easter dinner.  I was an instant non-winner on several scratch-off tickets, a winner of a few free tickets, but I must show you the presents.  Ramblin would only tell me that my gift came from Amazon (which limits it to a three wolf t-shirt or a bunsen burner, or anything in between).

Yep, this electronic gadget- and camera-poor household has a new addition.  I had been wanting a smaller camera that would tuck into my purse for everyday use.

This should do the trick.

Ramblin also had a hand in the present from my mom.

JulieSpins SW Merino in "Jungle"

JulieSpins SW Merino in "Jungle", picture taken with new camera

Presents also include money for The Fiber Event, and a gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe.  It’s been a very fibery birthday.

Many thanks to all the well wishes and thoughtful gestures.

And tomorrow, back to reality.  :P