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Hey, it’s still January!

I’m back again! Yay!

Really, you have no idea how much of a big thing this is for me. Motivation is still pretty scarce around here, but I’m trying.

Still in chemo cap mode. I delivered nine hats (fingering weight knits, so lots and lots o’ knitting) this week, and I’ve knit another three since then, thanks in part to a very generous donation of yarn. (thank you, Chris!) Not to worry, the yarn coffers around here are in no danger of depleting. I’ve got lots of soft acrylic yarns in the stash due to me always having been a bit princess-and-the-pea about my yarn softness, even before I discovered a world beyond acrylic.

I did squeeze in another baby blanket for my dear friend’s grandchild. I knit this for her originally.

Rosebuddie by Anne Hanson in Juliespins Glimmer yarn “Sweet Pea”

Baby Girl loved it. It’s her comfort squishy, and she pokes her fingers through the lace and squeezes. Now, New Dad is totally smitten with Baby Girl and wanted to commission another afghan for her. “It’s my baby girl, I don’t care about the cost!” My friend explained to him that’s not how it works; Needlefingers does this out of love, and it takes a long time to make a blanket, etc.

Well friends, when faced with a Baby Girl who needs a back-up blankie, of course Needlefingers delivered.

Back-up Blankie Rippling Waves Baby Blanket in Red Heart Soft Baby Angel Print

Back-up Blankie is not as involved as the original one, and I whipped it up in a couple of days. New Dad was completely surprised and thrilled with it. And reports are Baby Girl likes it, too. ;)

In local news, our sun has gone missing. There were almost sightings of it a few times, but those turned out to be false reports. And if the pattern hold true, February is nothing but gray. Love Valentine’s Day or hate it, I think it was cooked up because Great Yelping Gouda (phrase stolen from a online group), did they need some color, stat. I was holding off taking picture for the website until we got a sunny day, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. Forget the yarn, I’m the one who needs a light box.

Two posts in the same month is not necessarily a trend, but let’s hope it is!

Hey, Blog!


I’m back.

So what have I been up to? Lots. Not enough. I don’t know.

We took a cruise of New England and Canada. I went to Rhinebeck.

I’ve been very tired. Very, very tired.

Right now, I’m knitting chemo caps. Our local cancer charity was looking for someone to donate, and you know, I’ve got a ton of suitable yarn for it. Now, I’m probably not knitting them fast enough to be truly useful, but it’s better than nothing, right? The current batch is from yarn I bought waaaay back when on the first yarn crawl I went on for this area. One of the shops didn’t have much that really sang to me, but I wanted to support each shop. I found a neat self-striping acrylic yarn, Plymouth Diversity, and bought four skeins on a lark. Then it sat in my stash until now. I can get two hats out of one skein, and they are quite fetching.

Ah, phooey. I was hoping the new WordPress would make inserting images easier. All of my stuff is on Google Photos. Maybe I can add them from the app.

In other news, one of these days is going to be a thing. I mean, it’s a thing right now, it’s just an empty thing.

Let’s go back to spring of 2018. I was at my spinning/knitting/do whatever craft makes you happy retreat, and I was doing some grading for my online classes. I thought, hey, I ought to see if I have students enrolled for summer. I logged into the faculty system, and there were no classes listed for me. I checked to see if maybe I had been let go without being told (it could happen), but no, the course I taught had been removed from the college catalog. This did in fact happen without me being told, but that’s not out of character for that institution.

I still had two classes listed for fall, but after monitoring them up until two weeks before classes were going to start, I only had two students. That institution paid per student, so it really wasn’t feasible to keep teaching there. I did pick up two classes for fall at another institution, then nothing for spring 2019, then three classes for fall 2019, and now for spring, I’ve had three sections cancel due to low enrollment, with one more section starting in March. It currently has four students.

All of this is to say, employment hasn’t been a terribly stable thing. I’ve been supplementing with craft shows selling soap and yarn. Craft shows really can’t be considered stable income either, but it’s something. And, I really like making soap and dyeing yarn. I would do that even if I couldn’t sell them (but obviously would need to, or else the house would fill up with yarn and soap). I cannot say that I would grade essays if I wasn’t getting paid for it. However, I cannot turn off the spellcheck in my brain, which makes Facebook all the more horrifying.

So, back to I’ve known for a while I need to get my stuff listed, and there’s another well-known platform that I have used in the past. But recently, there’s been more and more complaints about that platform, pushing sellers to offer free shipping and just roll the expense into the price. And then it’s reported the CEO doesn’t like the term ‘handmade’. Well, that really doesn’t sit well, so I think I’m going to avoid that altogether.

When will I actually get to doing that? Eh, I don’t know. I tend toward, um, overthinking things, and right now all I can think is, “Omigosh, what if I don’t get the color just right and despite warnings about different monitors could make it appear differently, they blame me for ruining their very lives and hate me forever?” Yeah, I know that’s off-kilter thinking. But, I do want to do the very best job I can in accurately portraying my wares. Maybe I’ll finally learn how to use Gimp, and that might set my mind at ease.

There’s just so much uncertainty right now, in my life and the world at large.

Maybe I need another cup of coffee.