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Stopping winter single-handedly

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I just finished this pair of gloves today.

Knotty Gloves

Knotty Gloves in String Theory BFL - Earthquake

And now go check the weather for the next few days.

No need to thank me.


Oh why look, it’s February

Posted in Uncategorized on February 12, 2011 by needlefingers

Okay, so all I may have is bullet points for this one.

  • We are getting our new advisor Feb. 28, after only eight months of short-handedness.  If we weren’t so burnt-out, we would do cartwheels.
  • I have a new camera.  This makes five for me.  Ramblin has six.  We like cameras.  Most of them are Canons.
  • Today was a good day of test-shooting of the new camera.
  • I got blocking wires for my knitting at the local hardware store.  What would cost $20-$30 at the knitting shop only set me back $1.79.  Sweet.

I think that pretty much catches everything up.