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Pending final grades . . .

Stick a fork in me – I’m done.

flings confetti, collapses from mental exhaustion

Greencastle 2013 (and six days left!)

What you are about to witness is a whole lot of yarn.  And I don’t regret a single thing.

I haven’t been to Greencastle in the past two years, thinking that I would be responsible by saving money for impending vacations.  Well, this year there’s an impending vacation, but I needed to go to Greencastle regardless.

It’s a time to get together with friends.  Ragged and Jenny from the Blog plotted and planned, and on Friday, Ragged headed my way.  We loaded up the car and headed north.  Jenny from the Blog was already north, but west, so she started her journey after some family time.  We met up at the Birdsong B&B, caught up a bit, then hit the road for The Fiber Event.

Another of the wonderful things about Greencastle is seeing people that I may only meet up with once a year or only a few times.  Vendors remember our, um, enthusiasm for the yarn and fiber as well as talking each other into more of it.

And it wouldn’t be Greencastle without the wild weather.  Years ago, when it was just one day and I made the trek by myself, I swear the weather was decent, at least in the 60s or 70s.  Ever since I talked Jenny into joining me, and then later adding Ragged to our crew, the weather has never failed to keep things interesting.  This year, the area had been drenched with quite a bit of rain in the previous week, we were sleeted and snowed on intermittently on the way up, and then late Friday, it was just flat-out cold.  However, awesome pizza and coffee that evening helped drive out the cold.

Saturday was a bit warmer, and the sun made a welcome appearance.  We had managed to do quite a bit of shopping the day before with the reduced crowds, but there were still things to find.

After we determined we could leave the rest, it was time to part ways.  Jenny frorm the Blog headed back west, and Ragged and I made our way south.  Jenny from the Blog was able to present Ragged with her birthday gift while in Greencastle, but I had to wait on an item, so Ragged got to be showered with gifts again once we got back to my house.

So by now you’re probably dying with curiosity about the shopping.  Here you go:

Greencastle 2013 haul

Greencastle 2013 haul

  • Two sweaters’ worth of Briar Rose Fibers Fourth of July yarn in purple, green, and brown and purple, green, and blue (pictured in back)
  • Coordinating blue, green, and purple wool and silk fiber from Carpool (in back on the far right)
  • Wild Hare Fibers BFL in Nightlife (in front of BRF yarn)
  • Petals Socks in Flowering Cabbage
  • Fiber Optic Bitter Lime to Rose merino/tencel gradients
  • 1330 yards of fingering weight in blue and purple from Carpool (in front of Wild Hare Fibers BFL)
  • Sweet Feet sock yarn from Interlacements in Taiga
  • Fiber Optic in Vineyard Batik on BFL/silk, Tangerine to Ultraviolet merino/silk gradient, Something Wicked merino/silk gradient, Bitter Lime to Rose merino/silk gradient, and Dusty Plum to Olive merino/silk gradient

Like I said, I don’t regret a thing.  Good fibers, good foods, good friends.  I needed that.

11 Days to Go!

First draft of Final Project #1 is submitted.  Work has begun on Final Project #2.

I have walked for the past four days, with two walks on Monday.

I feel my time returning to me, piece by piece.

The big 4-0

Yep, I’m 40.

I have mixed emotions about it.  I’ve never really dreaded getting older, but this birthday, I feel older.  I’ve probably aged 10 years this year.  I think that as long as you have a parent alive, you’re someone’s child.  I’m no one’s child now, so I guess by default that makes me an adult.

If anything, feeling older is a reminder that one doesn’t live forever, so you darn well better be doing what you love instead of putting that off for ‘later’.  Later is a luxury we just think we’re entitled to.  Later is a lie; now is the truth.

So, I intend to make sure I’m doing what I love or I’m actively working to get there.

As for the actual day’s events, I’m knitting.  I’m going to spin later.  I’ll go for a walk because it’s actually warm enough to do that comfortably (I’ve walked two days this week already – yay 2013 Plan!).  When Ramblin gets home, I have requested pizza and yellow cake batter ice cream for my birthday meal.  The best part is that can all be acquired in a few blocks from our house.  I love being a hermit.

As a wise friend advocates, the whole month (Or did she say week?  Nah, I’m pretty sure it was a month.) should be a celebration.  Now, note the counter in the sidebar over there.  That’s cutting back a bit on the celebrating, but we do have plans to whoop it up a bit in a couple of weeks at a local-as-it-gets fiber event.

And then, there are a few other treats in the future.  You know, like Europe.  ;)