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Tugger is ready for xmas – and Copper, too

When can I open these?

Are any of them food?

One step closer

I’m in a couple of higher ed groups in Ravelry (one for online learners, one for grad students), and people have been posting how stressed they are about passing exams/papers, only to post a few days later that they sailed through with flying colors.

“Oh, but they don’t know stress,” I think to myself.  They have to be more experienced in this ball game than I am, and they are just being silly.  They knew they had nothing to worry about, not really.

My letter came today.  I passed my comps.  The two four-hour exams that nearly gave me an ulcer, the ones that everyone told me not to worry about, that I would be fine.

But I knew some people didn’t pass them.  These are not shoe-ins.  They tell you to spend 50-100 hours studying for them.  They tell you if you are not prepared to write for four hours on one topic, consider yourself unprepared.

And I did it.  I passed them.

I just might live through this.

December Rose

I don’t have anything really new to add, I mostly just wanted to post a picture, so that you can see the blog snow better. (and maybe that will keep it from doing the real stuff outside)

December rose

Yes, my mom's rose was still blooming

Apparentely not just on the blog

Have I mentioned my dislike for snow?  We woke up to a thorough covering.  Phooey.  I guess it wasn’t too bad (though any amount is enough to fill me with dread), but my anti-locks activated, so at least my car was under the impression it was a little slippery.

And now they are threatening a winter storm to descend upon us.

I hate winter.

It’s snowing! (On the blog)

My blog is snowing!

And that’s the only place I want this stuff.

And no, paper is still not done.