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2011 snowstorm #287

Alright, there aren’t even that many days in 2011 yet, but it feels like we’ve had one winter wallop after another.  Apparently this one could wipe the Midwest off the map.

Or something like that.

I’ll putter in to work tomorrow, but I make no promises beyond that.

Happy New Year! (it’s still January, so it counts)

New year, and I’m still not any better at updating the blog.  But I have made it all colorful.

Of course, you should know me by now, I have one or two irons in the fire:

  • the online class I was teaching in the fall is still going (students are enrolled throughout the semester into the same section, then it’s up to them (me) to keep track of when six months is up) with over 30 students
  • I’m also teaching that same section as a 16-week course and another six month course right now, with about 40 students
  • I also had to completely revise the course to a new book, in three days
  • Still working as an academic advisor through all of this
  • Taking a programming class for fun
  • Still haven’t given up on finishing off that master’s degree (not that you could tell)

So, that might actually be more than one or two irons.  And we are still one advisor short at work, which means we’ve now been through fall and spring registration with only three of us.  In the fall, we had over 2200 students taking at least one online course.  Spring is always larger.

Last week kind of sealed the deal that I can’t keep doing this.  A coworker and I have compared it to trying to keep a dozen plates spinning, and the plates are dropping like flies.  And unfortunately, I don’t care.  It’s not humanly possible to do this, and everything we do is manual (the irony of delivering online courses through such labor-intensive means is not lost on me).  So, things don’t get done, people complain, and they get bumped to the front of the line (which only serves to reinforce the behavior).  No one is interested in coming up with solutions.  I don’t understand it.

I think the most frustrating is that people do not seem to want to be an active participant in their own education.  Once they complete an application, they think I’m supposed to do all the work for them – pick their major, pick their classes, figure out which college they should transfer to.  Um . . . . NO.  Because if you make me choose for you, I’m going to choose computer programming, because I like computer programming.  So if you don’t like computer programming, I would suggest you get interested in your future.  NOW.

So, I will continue to enjoy doing the online courses, both as instructor and student.  The rest I will try to block from my mind.  I know none of you wanted to read about that.  But if I get it out of my head, maybe it can stay gone a while.

And yes, I’m still knitting (the body count would be enormous if I wasn’t).  I’m currently working on a sample for a dyer I adore.

Les Abeilles progress

I’m also tired of snow, but I’m becoming somewhat numb to it.  Or maybe that’s the Raynaud’s. (if you click on that link, don’t worry, my hands don’t get as bad as those pictures)