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Who says procrastination doesn’t pay?

So, I’ve been dawdling on getting my ‘other state’ taxes printed off and mailed in.  I’m getting a small refund, so it wasn’t anything to do with dread.  I had printed some of the documents for my tax records, and my ink cartridge was out.

I took it on a thumb drive to someplace that was absolutely not my work, and printed it.  That ink cartridge was running out.  Now, I went into someplace that was not the supply/break room and got another, but I just didn’t bother with printing another.  We got another for the printer at home as well, but I still hadn’t gotten around to printing it.

Yesterday, I get an email inviting me to check out this state’s e-file website.  Hmmm, it looks like I can set up an account, even though I’ve been steered wrong by them before.  Today I remembered to go to the site, set up an account and e-filed my taxes.  I think since I’m now in their ‘virtual filers’, this could mean next year I can file them all by Turbo Tax in one fell swoop.  Sweet!

See, if I would have printed them immediately, I would be waiting weeks for a check.  Procrastination works.

Thoughts for Monday

I talked to my mom this evening.  She, my uncle, and one of his coworkers will all be going to the same line in the factory.  It’s a job my mom had previously worked for around 20 years, but it’s been about 12 years since the last time she worked at it.  Hopefully it will all come back to her, like riding a bicycle.  And hopefully, all the shifting will settle down and no one else will be displaced.

I finally got myself in gear and made our reservation for Greencastle.  We were going to try a new place, but I didn’t get it booked in time, so we’re back to our usual place.  I could use a fiber fair right about now.   Don’t ask about the Parrots roving, it’s at a standstill.

I’m going to be taking one more html course, then next up – SQL!  There should be about three classes of that.  Not sure what the next master’s course will be, but I have to start thinking of my final project.

I know, the first person who comes up with a good idea for my final project will win a handspun skein of yarn!*

*I must be able to complete and successfully defend the project before prize will be awarded.

It’s tough to do blog posts in February

The gray month of February is half over.  Spring surely can’t be far off.

Taxes are done in our household.  Ramblin’s were very nice by comparison.

I’m still liking my html class.

We bought a new crockpot because the old one had developed a crack.  Ramblin is going to epoxy the old one for me, and it will become a dyepot.  Epoxy wouldn’t be good for food, but it will be just fine for yarn and fiber.

Mom still doesn’t know anything at this point as far as her work goes.  She’s off this week, and they are supposed to be coming up with some options.

There’s a month before summer and fall registration begins at work, so theoretically this is our ‘slow time’.  It sure doesn’t seem like it, and will feel even less like it with a person gone.

Happy Heart Day!

Recession hits home

I just got a call from my mom – her work called her, my uncle, and a few more people in and told them they are doing away with their jobs.  As of today.

They have been given the option to go to another job in the plant, probably for less pay.    They are both over 50, so finding a new career really isn’t an option right now.  The trick is my mom may not be able to do most of those jobs with her health conditions.  She could actually get disability, but really couldn’t take it before, due to her financial situation of supporting her disabled brother.

Oh, and it was my uncle’s birthday today.

A taxing experience

I’m done with my taxes.  And I feel like it aged me five years.  I do them online, or I would probably be stark-raving mad by this time.

And I get to e-file federal and my state, but the state, that shall remain nameless, that will not let any non-residents e-file after making you believe you can on their website, requires me to print out several pages and snail mail them.

My taxes really aren’t that difficult, in comparison to some people.  But I have interest, the pattern sales, tuition, student loan interest, and oh yes, did I mention I live in one state and work in another?  Fun, nothing but fun.  My whole return to print for my records?  36 pages.  I’m not that complicated, why are my taxes?

The good news is I come out ahead.  I would hate to put myself through all of this and then have the added insult to injury of getting a bill.  Although to not have to go through this experience, I think I would just as soon give up the refund.

I have a friend (not yet arrested) that goes on the theory that since she would qualify for a refund and not owe any money, she just doesn’t file.  Yes, you read that right, she doesn’t file.  I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, but the IRS hasn’t shown up on her doorstep yet.  Mind-boggling.

When I do Ramblin’s taxes this weekend, it will seem like a walk in the park.

Socks on Sunday

Pale green socks?  Done.

Hedgerows in Sundara sock Mint Over Chamomile

Hedgerows in Sundara sock Mint Over Chamomile

Loopy Loves You socks?  Begun.

Loopy Loves You in Temptedd Good Grrl

Loopy Loves You in Temptedd Good Grrl

That’s a bit bright (but bright is good!), the yarn picture before is more accurate.  That’s one of the hazards of late afternoon photo-ing.

I don’t think I mentioned it before, but remember my joy of us finally being back to full staff at my work?  Yeah, well come this Thursday, we’ll be back to one person short.  A co-worker is getting married on Tuesday, working Wednesday, then Saturday she’s leaving for Texas.  Her fiance is in the military, and they were uncertain exactly what their timeline would be.  Now we know, and it’s quick.

We’re wishing her all the best, and bracing for the worst for us.  In this unstable economy, which was bad enough in higher ed in the state I work without everything else, we’re not guaranteed a replacement for her, even though we are a rapidly growing area.  Every time someone leaves, the formal process is to request the position remain and once approved, it can be advertised.  Up until now, that’s just been a formality.

Now however, with higher ed tossed in with k-12 for the money, belts are tighter.  And, we’re about to see a shift in funding from being based on enrollments to based on success rates.  Great, you say, that makes the college accountable.  Does it, or does it encourage grade inflation?  Johnny might be working at D level, but if he’s at C level, we get money; if not, no money.  It’s a wonderful idea in theory.  It just gets messy in practice.

I’m going to go knit heart socks, and not think about the state of education.