TDF challenge day

Today in the TDF, we’re supposed to spin something challenging.  I selected cashmere and silk I dyed, and the added element of difficulty is I’m using a drop spindle.

cashmere silk fiber with drop spindle

All ‘challenges’ should be like this.

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TDF update

I finished the Goldfish Wearing a Tutu:

Goldfish Wearing a Tutu finished

More Tutu than Goldfish

And started on the next, a merino/tencel blend (maybe), dyed by yours truly.

Shade Garden

And this is the above fiber in its braid form.

Shade Garden braid

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On to the next!

All Spun Up Polwarth - Goldfish Wearing a Tutu

All Spun Up Polwarth - Goldfish Wearing a Tutu

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Another new yarn

Bonkers merino/silk

Bonkers merino/silk

I think I got about 1400 yards from 8 oz.  It’s too late to be counting.

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As promised

I bet you thought I was going to leave you hanging, didn’t you?

Juliespins SW merino navajo-plied

Juliespins SW merino navajo-plied

Any other time I might have flaked, but since I have to post it on Ravelry anyway, (there are random spinny prizes!) it doesn’t take that much for me to post here as well.

Here’s another look.

Marled goodness

Marled goodness

I have one more bobbin to ply, then I’m on to the next project.

I should pretend it’s Tour de Fleece all the time.

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And no, that’s not a abbreviation for something inappropriate – it’s Tour de Fleece, baby!

Hopefully I didn’t offend some of our favorite visitors (Ragged and Cynical) by spinning during our weekend get-together.

Spin, baby, spin

Spin, baby, spin

This was my progress as of yesterday afternoon.

Filling up

Filling up

And today, I finished it off.

Full bobbin - juliespins sw merino in Jungle

Full bobbin - juliespins sw merino in Jungle

Tomorrow – the plying.

(P.S. I actually have one of the two bobbins plied up already, but maybe this will encourage me to not leave all three of you readers in the lurch.)

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