We’re ready

Let the Trick-or-Treating begin.

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SAFF 2010

First thing you need to know, it’s not the tractor show.

Yes, people looking for tractors would have been sadly disappointed.

SAFF 2010 - dyed haul

SAFF 2010 - Little Barn haul

People looking for fiber, however, would have found heaven.

The undyed fibers and yarns above are all from Little Barn.  That Lewis made me fall down hard.  But you cannot pass on the show specials.  He used to be a vendor at Greencastle, and I forgot how much I missed him.  My wallet doesn’t, but that’s beside the point.

The dyed yarns and fibers came from Dragonfly Fibers (Djinni Sock on left in Starry Night), Knitty and Color (huge purple, green, and black Monster Mash batt, plus braids of  Aspen and Forest Floor), Miss Babs (two huge skeins and the purple sock skein), and Moonwood Farm (bag of fiber, plus the batt on the lower right).

There were easily several more I could have picked up, but a girl has to show some restraint.  *chokes back laughter*

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Yes, I’ve fallen completely off the wagon for posting every day.  But I just have to share this (Republican friends, you’re probably going to want to move on now)

Bill Clinton in Asheville, NC

Yep, that’s Bill Clinton.  To say I was thrilled is an understatement.

And the rest of Asheville is good, too.

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Whoops, I missed

Gah.  I missed posting yesterday.  But I have a good excuse.

We’re on vacation!

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Here we are again

and still no pictures.

I confess I only got as far as the neckline being finished, and then I merely threaded the body stitches back onto the needle and quit.

Socks?  Nope.  I had such great plans for Socktoberfest.

Paper?  Pbbbt.

Online class?  Well, I’ve got it pretty much set (need to catch up on some grading), but then next semester, we’re changing the book, so I have to redesign the whole thing.  Oye.

Maybe I just have too many irons in the fire.  Perhaps I need a vacation.  :)

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Sighs of relief

Good news, the skin cancer my mom had removed was one of the better kinds to have.  Basal cell, although there were still cells in the margin, which preferably would have been clear.  But the doctor will continue to monitor it once a month for a while, and if anything does show up, the scalp should have regained enough elasticity to allow for more removal.  He said basal cell typically doesn’t spread, which was wonderful news to have.

More good news – the sweater finally works!  Every third row did the trick, so now I am on to finish the body.  Huzzah!  Sock knitting may even resume shortly.

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All over the map

It’s yet another post with no pictures (and worse yet, no progress on any socks for Socktoberfest).  The good news is I’m carefully optimistic that the sweater is going to work.  I know I probably hexed myself with that remark, but what can I say, I live on the edge.

Tomorrow (today for most people, but it was posted yesterday, so it was tomorrow) my mom will get her stitches out and we’ll find out details on the area they removed.  Really hoping it was very small and completely contained.

Ramblin and I have been watching the Chilean miner rescue on CNN.   We both thought Larry King seemed drunk.  Or maybe that’s just how he is.

No one showed up at the office expecting hugs today.  Thank goodness.

And no, I have not worked on my research paper.

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Weird day

So I don’t have anything new and exciting to post on the progress of the sweater.  But here’s a true story from today:

A woman, who seemed to have a disability of some sort, came in to our building and was speaking very loudly to the person at the front desk.  It was not a student, but I couldn’t quite determine what it was she wanted.  When my co-worker came around the corner, she had a stunned look on her face.  “She told me that her husband died in April, and she needed a hug.”

Random, weird people wandering in off the streets for hugs.  Yep, I need out of this career.


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Perseverance is just another word for crazy

I’ve started getting down to the wire each day on the blog, but by golly, I’m still posting.  I don’t know if anyone wants to read it, but since it’s just a memory repository anyway, it doesn’t matter.

I’ve actually broke off from doing socks (I expect the Socktoberfest police on my doorstep in the morning) to revisit a sweater that is just about driving me crazy.  It was a top-down pullover, and I have knitted another of the designer’s patterns, falling in love with it.  I think I will love this sweater eventually, but there was some issues with the rate of increase on the yoke.  It was too fast (every other row) and made weird sticky-outy things between the sleeve and body.  Of course, I didn’t bother to try it on until both sleeves and part of the body were knitted.  So, I ripped it out backwards (because remember, knitting from the neck down means ripping out from the neck, which is not fun) to where the sleeves and body meet and tried decreasing (to account for the flip-floppiness of now knitting up toward the neck) every fourth row.  Ummm, no.  Too much length from underarm to back of neck.

Then the sweater went away for a while and no one spoke of it.

But I really want the sweater, so I’m trying again, using the Goldilocks Principle and decreasing every three rows.   Stay tuned, sports fans.

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Now they’re done, Tug

Argonauta done

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