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Favorite moment of 2010

You knew it was going to be Maine, didn’t you?

Because I’m going to drive everyone I know crazy if I keep yapping about it

We’re going to Alaska, we’re going to Alaska!

And I cannot shut up about it.  Fortunately, I have a coworker who gets very, very motion sick, even in short car rides (not fortunate for her, of course), and she loves hearing about it, since she’s not likely to make such a trip herself.  But to give her a break, I’m going to babble about the things we have planned here.

Ketchikan, AK – first port, and we’re going to take a floatplane over Misty Fjords National Monument.  This was the last piece of the puzzle to fall into place.  When we started looking at options for shore excursions, we thought we would keep things fairly pedestrian.  Nothing in a small aircraft, nothing in a small boat.  After hours of research, this was the most popular thing to see in Ketchikan, and the best way to see it.  We’ll have plenty of time after the flight, hopefully not spent throwing up my socks, but viewing totems and the very interesting Creek Street.

Juneau, AK – Whale-watching on a boat large enough for the captain and six people (yep, we really stuck to our original plan).  You might remember our vacation earlier this year had some whale-watching.  But that was on a huge catamaran, with about 1,000 school children.  (No, it wasn’t 1,000.  The boat didn’t hold that many, or it would have been.)  This is going to be a completely different experience.  Can.  Not.  Wait.

Skagway, AK – White Pass Railroad.  Once again, this is ‘the thing’ to do in Skagway.  A remnant from the Klondike Gold Rush, the train winds through some seriously beautiful scenery.

Prince Rupert, BC – I had read on the discussion boards that this was not a very popular port.  I worried we wouldn’t find anything really cool to do.  Grizzly bear sanctuary, anyone?  This was the first excursion we booked.  Sure, maybe people in other parts of the country get to see bears, but I’ll guarantee you, there are no grizzlies in our neck of the woods.

Is it time to leave yet?

It’s snowing on the blog! – 2010 edition

Eh, it’s probably been snowing on here for a while, but Ramblin alerted me to it last night.

I would love to say that the reason I haven’t posted is because NaSchoWriMo was such a smashing success, I couldn’t pry myself away from it.  Hah.  You all knew how it would go the second I posted how good and dedicated I was going to be.

So, other than being an abysmal failure, I’ve been mentally overwhelmed with work.  The coworker who had to take maternity leave early in July has now officially resigned, leaving us to face spring registration a person short.  This is getting old, fast.  We might get someone at some point in January, and maybe they’ll be halfway up to speed by March.  If they have computer access by then.

Okay, since that’s all gloom and doom, let me tell you about the only thing keeping me going these days – we’re going on a cruise to Alaska!  Ragged and Cynical inspired the notion in us after they enjoyed theirs so much.  We’re not tropical people, so the wildlife and scenery Alaska offers is perfect.  We’re already booked and have our excursions plotted.  Passports are ordered.

Now we just have to wait.  I hate wait.