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Has it really only been a month that she’s been gone?

Time has gone all weird on me.  I feel like time has expanded in every direction, kind of like an airbag going off.  I can’t tell you how I’m feeling.  Weirdly kinda-normal, which I probably shouldn’t feel, which probably means decidedly not-normal is lurking around the corner.  I dunno.  I know I do feel exhausted most of the time.

Anyway, it seems like it’s time to start posting again.  I’ve had thoughts on what I would like to say on the blog, but now that I’m here, none of them are coming to the surface.

I’ve got classes starting, both ones I’m teaching and taking.  I hope my brain cooperates to get me through on both counts.

Heavy Heart

On July 23, I lost my 61-year-young mother.

I just don’t have words right now.