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What I’ve been up to

After classes ended, I thought I would be less busy.  I suppose I am, but it’s hardly the bon-bons and leisure reading I envisioned.  Okay, I didn’t envision bon-bons, more like fresh strawberries.  Which seem to be in just as short supply as my free time.

Classes have started back up, but thank goodness I’m only the instructor this time around instead of being a student, too.

I’ll show you what I’ve been up to during the radio silence.

First, I attended our guild’s annual spinning retreat in New Harmony.  I can’t get enough of that town.


Hand-dyed yarns

Hand-dyed fabric


And now, for the stuff I did while there.
Fiber Optic merino-tencel gradient - Bitter Lime to Rose

This you may remember from the Greencastle Haul. Jenny from the Blog bought this for me as a birthday present. And it became this loveliness.

Fiber Optic Bitter Lime to Rose skein

The other thing that has been occupying my time is all sorts of gardening/flowers.  Don’t believe me?

flower bed in front of the house 2

hydrangea - endless summer


marigold 2

marigold 1

pink evening primrose

More Rose Moss

And that doesn’t include the Cordon Bleu crepe myrtle or the pink dogwood.

Getting crafty

While there’s no shortage of projects posted on this blog, they tend to be of a fibery nature.  Now for something completely different.

Last fall, we saw some beautiful yard art created by cut glass dishes stacked into flowers.  I loved them, even coveted one, but ultimately did not buy a single one.  Later, we realized we missed a perfect opportunity to get a present for Ramblin’s mom.  We talked about it, but never did anything about it, and really haven’t seen any of the flowers since then outside of Etsy.

Fast forward to last Sunday, when Ramblin was pondering what to get his mom for Mother’s Day.  He looked on Etsy, but shipping would throw a wrench into the plans.  I was going to the nearby town, and I thought surely the trend had made it this far.  Um, no.  So, I found a little secondhand store, acquired the necessary components, and away we went.

Ramblin created a wooden base for all of it, dremeled the contact points, epoxied them together, and painted the post aka rebar.  Ta-da!

Glass Flower


Glass Flower side view


Who knows what we might be capable of now that one of us isn’t tied to the computer and books all of the time.

Springiness is in the air

There are no-till(er) gardens

2013 garden spot


Yard projects

raspberry trellis


And flowers, flowers everywhere

azaleas and Chinese maple

white irises

Final grades are in!

And both are As!  Woooooooo!!!!!!!!!

When I started this certificate, I certainly never imagined the turns my life would take.  There were more than a few times when I was ready to just walk away from all of it – as recently as March.

But now I’m done.  I essentially completed a master’s degree last May, then launched instantly into this grad certificate.  It will be nice to not be a student anymore.

Although, there are some computer classes I’ve been eyeing . . .