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Merry Xmas Eve and a bonus recipe

Well, Needleclaus has delivered more presents, so I can share them here now.

Both of these were for my coworker. That’s merino-cashmere-nylon goodness.

Diane's cowl

Diane's mitts

And these are for some folks with cold feets.

Opal socks - Garden without Reason

Jim's socks

In other news, I had made a bargain with myself and The Universe that if I got two As this semester, I would order fiber from a company I’ve been eyeballing forever. I don’t know if you know this, but when you make a promise to The Universe, you had better keep it? Remember those old Chiffon commercials – “It’s not nice to fool Mother Nature?” Well, you don’t welch on a deal with The Universe, either.

FCK haul

Fat Cat Knits fiber from left to right: Esther BFL, Rascal merino/bamboo/nylon, Rascal merino/tencel, Lilacs merino/bamboo, and Lotus merino/bamboo/nylon

We celebrated the season with Ramblin’s family on Saturday.  I made a very good, uber-easy soup.

10-can dump soup

10-can (get it?  Tin can – ha!) Dump Soup

1 29 oz. can mixed vegetables

3 cans minestrone condensed soup

2 cans kidney beans

1 can Rotel tomatoes (you pick the spice level – I went with original)

1 can petite diced tomatoes

1 can tomato sauce

1 49 oz. can chicken broth

Dump all of that in a large stock pot and simmer.  It’s fantastic for a cold day, say for instance if the National Weather Service was predicting possibly 9″ of snow.  Yes, that would be an awesome meal for something like that.  And for the health-conscious, you could use low-sodium options on any or all of those and still have a tasty, tasty dish of warm goodness.

And Tugger would like you all to know that he’s anxiously awaiting Santa.

Tugger is curious

“Is he coming in the house?! Because I’m going to hide behind the sofa.”

Let the lounging begin!

So, classes are done, assignments are graded, grades are turned in – time to collapse.  Ha.

More like time to Knit All the Things!!!!!!  And spin a few of them, too.  Here’s some recent knitting stuff.  These have already been gifted, so there’s no spoilering going on.

These went to my massage therapist.
Poolside socks done
Poolside mitts

And these went to Ramblin’s parents.

Judy's socks 2012

Howard's socks 2012

There’s a few more yarny things that can’t be shown until Dec. 26.

Today was my first full day of ‘nothing’.  And I pretty much did that.  I had a few assignments to grade from my open enrollment sections, but I finished those up before noon.  I had lunch, went on my two-mile walk (I’m back to exercising after the uproar that is 2012 curtailed my efforts), and have sorted through Ravelry looking for patterns.  I have the first books of The Dark Tower and Discworld.  Winter break holds all kinds of fun.

It’s Snowing on the Blog!

Because if you didn’t have me to tell you this, how would you ever know?  ;)

Courses are over soon; be back in a bit.