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It’s all pants!

Okay, so TDF is over (by about a month).

TDF group shot

And in the process of this post, I’ve discovered Flickr has made it much, much more difficult for me to insert images.  Thanks for that, Flickr.  Because my life needed to become more difficult.  For instance, under the old way, I would have been able to tell you lots of things about the yarns above in the tidy little text box below the picture.  Gone!

Anyway, August is almost over, and it cannot get itself out of here fast enough.  We’ve been crushed by fall registration, down one advisor, leaving three of us to handle the masses.  The newest advisor isn’t crazy yet, so he’s fared better than the two of us that have done this for far too long.   Add to that my stupid final paper for my stupid master’s degree, and that I insanely took on teaching an online course (it’s only insane right now, once all this other crap is over, it should be enjoyable) – I don’t know that I will be entirely sane come October.

The upnote however, is October.  Ramblin and I are going on our second vacation of the year.  That’s right, it took us eleven years to finally go on a vacation, and now we are addicted.  Cynical and Ragged will be joining us, for an escape to Asheville, NC.  Secluded cabin, few plans, lots of relaxation.

If I can only just make it until then.