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Maybe there’s light at the end of the tunnel

And for the first time in a while this winter (because really, whatever this is, it’s not spring), I have walked three days this week!  Go me!

And I even read 3-4 pages of a book-for-fun instead of a book-for-school.

The 2013 Plan rises again!

Hi Blog! Remember me?


That’s really all that can be said.  But since I opened up a new post, I’ll add a few more words.

The List of Six has somehow turned into the List of Sixty.  Right now, overwhelmed barely touches it.  However, I have come to the conclusion that I need to preempt a few of the items to include this item at the top, every time.

  • Take care of myself

Remember the 2013 Plan?  It included exercise which is great self-care.  With all the stuff I have going, that gets shoved aside too frequently.  Although, I do have 260 fitness minutes for the month of March (I track my stuff on Sparkpeople).  Still, I can do better.

So, what’t the other five items on the list?

  • four responses for 682 (yeah, with spring break last week, work just doubled up)
  • one post for 660
  • two responses for 660
  • design the revision guidelines for the teaching-class
  • grade stuff

I’m going to be so happy when four of those items are gone.  And that will happen in 31 days!  I’m going to see if WordPress has a neat countdown widget.

And because maybe some of you come here for the knitting, here’s some knitting.
Foot Fetish side view


This is an awesome pattern, and it’s free (Ravelry link).  I’m going to knit it toe-up next time.  (I knitted it as is to qualify for a monthly challenge on Rav)  The pattern will run in reverse when I do that, and I think that will look equally neat.

One month and done – keep swimming, keep swimming . . .

I don’t know that I really have anything new or exciting to post, but I feel like I should stay in the habit.  This week is spring break for my teaching, but not for my studying, so the list for the week still looks way too familiar:

  • read for 660 (though actually I have the reading done on this, just need to comb back through to get the relevant bits)
  • post in 660
  • respond to two posts in 660
  • read for 682 (this one is partially read as well, and it’s the last reading assignment for the semester in this course – yay!)
  • post in 682
  • respond to two posts in 682

There’s a few other things I need to do this week as well.  One includes getting the taxes finalized.  I just need to make a trip over to the CPA and sign off for them to be e-filed.  I had some work in mind for the classes I’m teaching, and I am working some of it in, but most of it will just have to wait.  Rumors abound that we might be changing textbooks for fall, so I don’t want to do a bunch of work only to have to redo it all over the summer.

My knitting has been very chaotic.  Projects selected, started, ripped out, repeat.  I *think* the sweater I’m working on right now is going well.  Let me get a few more rows in before I show it to you.  It’s quite fun, and I’ll need a picture to tell you about it properly.

What I hope is my last round of textbooks has been ordered.  I held off on these until later in the term because, geez, these courses needed a ton of them.  By ‘ton’, I mean ten.  Probably not a ton in anyone’s mind, but just be thankful you’re not the one that has had to read them.  Let’s just say they aren’t a quick read.  It’s interesting stuff, but I have to take lots of breaks to let my brain absorb it all.  Spring break for these courses will be in a couple of weeks, but I will probably be working on stuff anyway, so it will hardly matter.  What’s more important is in less than two months, I will be done.

And then this can turn back into a knitting blog.

And more goodies!

FatCatKnits Thank you pack


This was a goodie pack I received due to a donation to a fellow fiber fanatic, Ginny at Fat Cat Knits.  She was running her business from her home, and if you’ve ever dyed yarn and fiber, that’s chaos.  She was able to secure a dedicated space for a dyeing studio and held a fundraiser to help with the essentials.  What you see is 8 ounces of BFL fiber in the “The Sky’s the Limit” exclusive colorway, a t-shirt, a tote bag, and a thank you note.  The kitty’s name is Slushie.

Ginny makes all sorts of beautiful stuff.  You may recall this loveliness I ordered after earning As in both of my courses last semester.  Well, guess what?  Another semester will be ending in less than two months.  Stay tuned.