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New toy

After making the commitment to buy back in November, we were finally able to go pick up my new toy.

Schacht loom

That is a Schacht 48″ eight-harness floor loom.  And it’s mine, all mine.  A good friend was turning loose of her, and the timing worked out that it was still available once I figured out that yes indeed, I do enjoy weaving.

We had to wait for a good weather weekend to pick it up from another friend’s studio that is a little over two hours away.  We also worked in a visit with Ramblin’s parents, who live a mere half an hour away from said studio.  Yesterday was a bright, glorious day for loom transport.

And today, I shoved all the junk out of the way made space for the loom with Ramblin’s assistance in the room previously known as the computer room (no computers in there, other than the one’s we don’t use anymore), yarn room, or junk room.  From this point forward, it shall be known as the loom room.  (you know I love saying that)

Schacht loom in it's home

And even though there’s nothing more I would rather do than get acquainted with the loom, today is also the first day of the spring semester, and I’m teaching three different courses spread out over nine sections.

Soon, my precious, soon.