It’s snowing on the blog!

I always feel the need to announce that, like you can’t tell as soon as you open the page.

I haven’t knit any more socks since Socktoberfest, but I have been knitting other things. That’s not true since I started a pair of socks while this post has been marinating. (pictures were giving me fits, so I had to leave it for a few days)

First, I knitted a hat I thought was going to be for me, but then when I finished, I knew that it wasn’t.  I didn’t know who it was for, but the hat wasn’t saying, “Mine”.  Then when I learned my friend didn’t have a hat for winter, I realized she was who the hat belonged to.

Stark finished

Then, another Loopy Academy project, I knitted a cowl.

That Nice Stitch in Those Nice Colors done

And there’s been a sweater partially knitted as well, just needing the button bands and collar. Since I’m so close, I’ll just wait until it’s done for a picture.

And of course, there’s been soap.


Well, not just soap, but other products.  Things like lotion bars.

Festive lotion bars


And Meringue, a lovely whipped body butter.


And I’m already thinking about scents for Valentine’s Day.


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The final pair from Socktoberfest

And may I present to you – the socks that started it all.

Ziggity Zag socks done

I am so glad I posted here about losing the sock mojo, as clearly that was the oomph I needed to get back on the sock train.

Now, if I could just get the rest of my motivation going.

But I have made just a little bit of soap.

Soap racks 10-27-14

So there is that.  I wish blogs came with smell-o-vision. (optional, of course, for the readers sensitive to smell – though I have made a batch of unscented as well)

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More socks!

So, these were finished on Friday evening while Ramblin and I were in Kentucky, just in time for gifting.

Rita's Raspberry Ripples done

Both these and the blue socks were well-loved by their new owners.

And then today, I finished these.

Tropical Monkeys done

And now I’m back to working on those zany Ziggity Zag socks.

I’m so glad I posted about my missing sock mojo.  It’s clearly returned to me in spades.  This might be handy to keep in mind when I do NaNoWriMo next month.

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The Sock Monster Cannot Be Stopped

So, these are done.

Spring Day Socks done

And I stared these.

Tropical Monkey cast on

And this.

Rita's Raspberry Ripples beginning

And I thought Socktober was going to be sockless.  Ha.

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Hmm, may have created a monster

A sock monster.

Spring Day Socks

These are going to be birthday socks for a very dear lady.  It’s yarn I dyed that I wasn’t too sure about, but it’s working up fantastically.  Yay for no pooling!  (and now they will start pooling, of course)

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Well if I had known it would be that easy . . .

. . . I would have posted about losing my sock mojo sooner!

Behold – socks! (or at least the start of them)

Ziggity Zag socks

Yarn I bought in Vancouver from a local artist

It might have worked a little too well, as I’m finding myself wanting to cast on all the socks.

As a special request for one of the readers out there, I’ll also post more of the hat rampage.

More hats for photography props

The Duketer newborn and toddler sizes

And Ramblin’s hunting hat

1898 hunting hat

I have more knitting that needs blocking and photos, but that seems to be slower than even the sock mojo had been.  Hmm, maybe posting about it will motivate me for that, too.

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The Socktoberfest that wasn’t

It’s Socktoberfest!

And who isn’t working on a pair of socks?  This gal.  In fact, the last pair I finished was in June.  June.  Really.

What’s going on?  Well, there’s a pair I started based on a pattern I saw that isn’t currently available.  I’m futzing my way through it, and it’s just not doing it for me.  However, I can’t bring myself to do anything about it, so they languish in my knitting bag.

But if you think that means there hasn’t been any knitting, let me assure you that’s not the case.  Currently, it seems my mind has turned to hats.

Pumpkin hats

These are for a local photographer to use as props.  I’ve made two more pixie hats and found several other cute possibilities.  Today I made a hat in two hours.  Let’s see socks compete with that.

I’m sure the sock mojo will come back. If it can fight its way past the soap-making and weaving.

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It’s about to get rather bubbly around here

When I took the soap-making class, I never planned to start a soap business.  However, that seems to be unfolding nicely, and I’m going with the flow.

The day for Bras Across the Wabash started off gray and misty.  We arrived early that morning for Ramblin to help his coworkers set up other parts of the event.  About half an hour before it was scheduled to begin, the sky finally began to show traces of blue.  By the time it began, you needed sunglasses.

The crowds on our side of the bridge were small, but the people that were there loved the soap.  A bit of humidity is good for a soap booth, but too much can get messy.  Fortunately, there was just enough to get the scents activated and draw people in.  One woman who works with Ramblin mentioned a shop I should contact about carrying the soap, and I said that I would.

Three days later, before I even got a chance to call, Ramblin said that his colleague had contacted the shop, and I should call to set things up.  The next weekend, I was getting my first wholesale opportunity squared away.  From that meeting, I was invited to bring my wares to an open house for the gallery.  The next day I was reading a newspaper down at the farm, and there was a show a mere 10 miles from us looking for vendors for their fall craft show.  That got me to thinking about the craft show about three miles from us, and a phone call later gave me yet another opportunity.

So, in the next 10 weeks, I have four shows.

I’m loving it.

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Just a tiny bit of soap

Soap for Bras Across the Wabash

This is the soap for tomorrow’s Bras Across the Wabash event where I will be vending.  There’s over 300 bars there.  They’re calling for rain tomorrow.  Please think dry thoughts.

Special Edition Soap - Pink Ribbons

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More looming!

Well, since I haven’t yet gotten to the actual ‘weaving’ part, I’m calling what I’m doing ‘looming’.

And I should mention, I’m learning to do this through the floor loom class from Craftsy.

First, I’m putting each of the 508 threads through a heddle of its very own.

Threading the heddles

Threading the heddles

The paper towel roll is to keep the harnesses at a level that is comfortable for threading.  It was the best thing I could McGuyver at the time.  Ramblin will probably have a better idea for future use.

All threaded

All threaded

The loops you see are slip knots used to keep the groups of threads together.  This is a 1-2-3-4 straight draw.  After watching the video again, I realize threading it 4-3-2-1 would have made more sense in this project as A) I’m only doing tabby and twill and B) It would have been much easier to thread.  Of course, something else that would have made it easier to thread was setting it up for right-handed threading.  Those harnesses that hold the heddles need to be taken out and turned so that the eyes of the heddles slant open to the right-hand side.  The friend I bought the loom from was left-handed actually warped the loom front to back, and I didn’t realize there was a difference. (Yeah, I don’t know where I get these ideas, but some friend of mine is left-handed, I promise you.)

So many things to learn!

Once it was threaded, it was time to put the reed into the beater and sley the reed.  These towels are woven at 20epi and use a 10-dent reed.  That means two threads are drawn through each dent from the heddle to the front of the loom.


Sleyed in the reed

Time to remove the lease sticks from the back, take out the paper towel roll, and commence tying it to the front apron rod.

Tied to apron rod

Tied to apron rod

Now, I need to wind some bobbins, and the weaving will begin!


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