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It’s all pants – yet again

The spot my mom had taken off her scalp did not turn out to be what we hoped it would be.  We were hoping for nothing.  It wasn’t ‘nothing’.  :(  Too early for any details, so maybe it will be a case of them getting everything and no further action necessary.  I would appreciate any good thoughts along those lines.

Okay, now that I’ve been a downer, let me redeem myself.

This glorious object was brought to me by my sweetheart.

And the progress on knitting has slowed considerably.  I’m not sure why, but these socks have almost reached a standstill, even though I’m still working on them.

Argonauta on to the foot

(Note the orange kitty rumpus in the upper right)

Tomorrow I may get more accomplished, as it is our bi-annual visit to the dentist.  Good timing to have the appointment before the Halloween candy season.