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When a hobby takes hold

No, I have not been off learning cheese-making; although, how awesome would it be if I had?  Mmmm . . . cheese.

Nope – more soap!

First batch at home


Ramblin and I had gone in search of stuff since my order from New Directions Aromatics wasn’t scheduled to arrive until March 6.  I knew I couldn’t wait that long to make soap.   We had a very successful haul of soap-making equipment from second-hand shops in the area.  Then with a few basic ingredients, we made a batch of lavender and one of sandalwood.

Today, two days earlier than expected, I received my order.

New Directions Aromatics first order

Two soap molds, shea butter, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, vitamin E, and all kinds of good scents.  The minimum order is a bit pricey, but after comparing the price of products, it wasn’t worth it to me to place a smaller order elsewhere that would be so much cheaper as part of a bigger order from NDA.

As you can see, I’ve kind of dove into this new hobby with both feet.

Soap ingredient inventory

I can’t even explain it.  It’s almost as if I’m being carried along by an outside volition.

Carry on, Universe, carry on.