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More looming!

Well, since I haven’t yet gotten to the actual ‘weaving’ part, I’m calling what I’m doing ‘looming’.

And I should mention, I’m learning to do this through the floor loom class from Craftsy.

First, I’m putting each of the 508 threads through a heddle of its very own.

Threading the heddles

Threading the heddles

The paper towel roll is to keep the harnesses at a level that is comfortable for threading.  It was the best thing I could McGuyver at the time.  Ramblin will probably have a better idea for future use.

All threaded

All threaded

The loops you see are slip knots used to keep the groups of threads together.  This is a 1-2-3-4 straight draw.  After watching the video again, I realize threading it 4-3-2-1 would have made more sense in this project as A) I’m only doing tabby and twill and B) It would have been much easier to thread.  Of course, something else that would have made it easier to thread was setting it up for right-handed threading.  Those harnesses that hold the heddles need to be taken out and turned so that the eyes of the heddles slant open to the right-hand side.  The friend I bought the loom from was left-handed actually warped the loom front to back, and I didn’t realize there was a difference. (Yeah, I don’t know where I get these ideas, but some friend of mine is left-handed, I promise you.)

So many things to learn!

Once it was threaded, it was time to put the reed into the beater and sley the reed.  These towels are woven at 20epi and use a 10-dent reed.  That means two threads are drawn through each dent from the heddle to the front of the loom.


Sleyed in the reed

Time to remove the lease sticks from the back, take out the paper towel roll, and commence tying it to the front apron rod.

Tied to apron rod

Tied to apron rod

Now, I need to wind some bobbins, and the weaving will begin!