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Just because all this school stuff is getting boring

viola handspun

viola handspun closeup


This is some yarn I finally finished up last night.  How it came to be dyed is an interesting story.  I was dyeing a sock blank for the first time, and I had put waaaaaay too much dye on it.  It was going to turn into a mess if I tried to roll it up for steaming, so I grabbed this bundle of wool, plunked it in for a quick soak, and smooshed it onto the sock blank to mop up the excess dye.  Turned out beautiful.

The original sock blank had a zigzag of neon green going down the middle of the blank with red-purple and blue-purple in the alternating triangles.  The sock blank was a much deeper color that this fiber, but since I put the acid in with the dye, more of the pigment strikes on application, leaving fewer particles in the runoff, hence the lighter shades.

It’s a fingering weight three-ply yarn, about 700 yards.  No idea yet as to what it will become.

Socks, spinning, and sleeping

Since Knitterbunny asked for more sock pictures, I’m happy to oblige.

Note kitty rump in the background.

And a couple of closeups for detail:

This is kind of my pattern, but kind of not.  I saw these socks on Ravelry, with the pattern being for sale.  I kept meaning to buy it, but I didn’t.  I started these socks during our trip, and didn’t want to download the pattern then.  So I just plotted it out on my own.  Then I had a crisis of conscious.  I can’t truthfully add these socks to that project, because I didn’t buy the pattern.  But even if I bought the pattern (in homage to the designer – if it wasn’t for whomever he or she may be, I never would have made these), I wouldn’t feel right about adding the socks then, because clearly I didn’t make them from the pattern (looking at it again, it’s not an exact match).  Argh.  I don’t plan to offer the pattern, of course, so there’s not that concern, but I still feel like I’m on the wrong side of Karma.  Shoot.

Okay, moving on from one crisis of conscious to another, I added more roving to the ever-growing stash.

Juliespins alpaca/silk/merino in Great Grape, rambouillet in Stormy Seas

Juliespins alpaca/silk/merino in Great Grape, rambouillet in Stormy Seas

The one on the left actually is the ‘surprise’ color I ordered.  It was completely random what color you might receive, and purple came to me.  Isn’t that a happy story?  I think so.

I’ve been working on getting the kilo whittled down (you remember correctly Knitterbunny, it was indeed the Great Bundle o’ Psychedelic Roving of 2007), so I can start on all of these lovelies I’ve been collecting.  I’ve joined the Tour de Fleece for this year, and hope to be done with the Parrots by that time, so I can start on all new stuff.

Other projects have included beginning to learn Flash.  As in, very tiny baby steps.  I made a purple ball bounce on a lavender screen.  You’re shocked, I know.   Next, I will be adding Photoshop into the mix, and who knows what other magical multimedia marvels.

The long abandoned html class I *cough*signedupforthreeyearsago*cough* is getting a good working over.  I hope to be done with it, or very close, by the end of this month.  It’s a repeat of most of the things I learned in my hypermedia course, but there’s some new stuff, too.  Then, I’ll be signing up for the advanced class, and actually finishing this year.  Yay me!

What else has been going on?  Napping.

Tugger lap sleeping

Lots of sleeping.

synchronized sleeping

And some wide-awakes.

Yes, I know it's probably too dark, but he's cute

Yes, I know it's probably too dark, but he's cute and I didn't want to blind him

Yes, that is a sleeping cat in the background.

Tugger back sleeping

And you are now mostly caught up on our whirlwind existence.