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It’s the first day of school!

Yup, it’s the first day of the fall semester.  And guess who is only a teacher this time around and not a student?  This girl!  Wooooooo!!!!!! (I’ll replace the widget on the side one of these days.  It still feels too good to take it down quite yet.)

I had been feeling strange lately, like there were things I should be doing, so I couldn’t do the stuff I wanted to because of this weird ‘other’.  Then it hit me – the things I felt like I should be doing, I don’t have to do anymore.  Ever again. (no doctorate, thankyouverymuch)  It hardly seems real.  The last time I wasn’t a student (or at least in progress on a degree) was early 2004.  I took a break from summer of 2006-summer of 2007, but there was still the “you should be working on it” lingering over me.  And now, I’m done and then some.

Really, I cannot express how glad I am that I’m not having to read pages of academic-speak and come up with intelligent-sounding things to say about it.

Another new thing about this semester is that I am now teaching English Composition I.  Before, I was teaching developmental writing only.  I have a huge section of students, so I hope I’m good at it.  :)

Final grades are in!

And both are As!  Woooooooo!!!!!!!!!

When I started this certificate, I certainly never imagined the turns my life would take.  There were more than a few times when I was ready to just walk away from all of it – as recently as March.

But now I’m done.  I essentially completed a master’s degree last May, then launched instantly into this grad certificate.  It will be nice to not be a student anymore.

Although, there are some computer classes I’ve been eyeing . . .

Pending final grades . . .

Stick a fork in me – I’m done.

flings confetti, collapses from mental exhaustion

I don’t know that I really have anything new or exciting to post, but I feel like I should stay in the habit.  This week is spring break for my teaching, but not for my studying, so the list for the week still looks way too familiar:

  • read for 660 (though actually I have the reading done on this, just need to comb back through to get the relevant bits)
  • post in 660
  • respond to two posts in 660
  • read for 682 (this one is partially read as well, and it’s the last reading assignment for the semester in this course – yay!)
  • post in 682
  • respond to two posts in 682

There’s a few other things I need to do this week as well.  One includes getting the taxes finalized.  I just need to make a trip over to the CPA and sign off for them to be e-filed.  I had some work in mind for the classes I’m teaching, and I am working some of it in, but most of it will just have to wait.  Rumors abound that we might be changing textbooks for fall, so I don’t want to do a bunch of work only to have to redo it all over the summer.

My knitting has been very chaotic.  Projects selected, started, ripped out, repeat.  I *think* the sweater I’m working on right now is going well.  Let me get a few more rows in before I show it to you.  It’s quite fun, and I’ll need a picture to tell you about it properly.

What I hope is my last round of textbooks has been ordered.  I held off on these until later in the term because, geez, these courses needed a ton of them.  By ‘ton’, I mean ten.  Probably not a ton in anyone’s mind, but just be thankful you’re not the one that has had to read them.  Let’s just say they aren’t a quick read.  It’s interesting stuff, but I have to take lots of breaks to let my brain absorb it all.  Spring break for these courses will be in a couple of weeks, but I will probably be working on stuff anyway, so it will hardly matter.  What’s more important is in less than two months, I will be done.

And then this can turn back into a knitting blog.

Taking Care of Business

Okay, let’s get caught up on everything that has been accomplished:

  • Directv given the boot – hello, Roku! (love, love, love the Roku)
  • rooms for our 2014 vacation booked
  • various course stuff lined out
  • more legal/estate stuff taken care of as it’s cropping up
  • stash yarn used
  • archived two years’ worth of courses in preparation for deletion

See, that’s just a list of five things, but there’s several things to most of those things (okay, the rooms were booked within three minutes, but I had agonized about it for weeks).

The good news is I’m at a point where I’m freaking out less about how much stuff I have to do in the courses I’m taking.  That could be false optimism, but I’m going with it.  The courses I’m teaching are starting to settle in to a good routine.  I’m still looking forward to being done with this semester.  My taking-courses are over April 30, not that I’m counting.  I’m such a bad academic because I should be rapturous that I’m getting the opportunity to gain all this new knowledge, but I’m also a tired academic.  Truthfully, I’m not sure there’s any other kind.

Knitting – when we last talked, I was working on a sweater.  That sweater is now done, plus a new one has been started along with a couple of socks, all with stash yarn.  However, I’ve not been entirely good.
Walk on the Moon Wollmeise
I could not resist. You had to buy yarn to get the pattern. Do you hear me? HAD TO.

Though you can see them in the Flickr stream over on the right, I’ll go ahead and post a picture of the socks I’m working on, just because they look rather Valentine-y.

Maeva foot

That’s Springtree Road Muscadine Sock in Bramble, one of the yarns from the Sock Clique I was a part of.  It’s awesome for showing off twisty stitches, and there are just a few of those in this sock, Maeva from Knitty.

Reading:  Yeah, no.  I’m reading books for classes, and that’s it.  I did get The Hangman’s Daughter as my Kindle Lending Library book for February and read the first chapter.  So, that’s something.

What’s up next on the list?  Instead of listing six items every day, I feel like I need to start a huge list on the weekend and cross stuff off as I get it done.  Still this weekend, I need to:

  • Do two response posts in 682
  • Do the next initial post in 682
  • Do second post in 660
  • Do four response posts in 660
  • Do Ramblin’s taxes
  • Gather all of my tax stuff for the CPA (working in one state, living in another, tuition, business income in some years, now part owner on the farm – oh heck yes, I’m having someone else do it)
  • Prep three sections of my teaching-courses for the coming week

And really, I don’t have to have my tax stuff gathered until I’m actually going to the CPA’s office, and that will hinge on when the rest of the family has their stuff to take over as well.  But that’s still plenty of things on the agenda.

And on that note, I’ll leave you with a Red Velvet Latte.

Red Velvet Latte

Class is done!

And I got an A-.  But it wasn’t without drama.

About the time I was embarking on this crazy journey, plans came together to have a girls’ getaway in Asheville, NC.  The timing was going to coincide with the last weekend of the course.  I could get my part done early, but then I had to leave comments on six other classmates’ work as assigned by the instructor.  I requested our lodgings have internet, and it did, so I thought the matter was settled.

Ragged and I set off for Nashville to meet up with our co-funseekers, and we were off to Asheville.  We met up there with another of our group, and the merriment commenced.  I checked the wifi signal on my iPod Touch – loud and clear.  Excellent.  Dinner that night was Pasta Fresco.  Yum.

Saturday morning, we had awesome peach-stuffed french toast.  Before breakfast, I noticed that there wasn’t a wifi signal.  I reset the router, the signal returned, and I wandered off to enjoy breakfast.  Our day’s plans included a trip to the farmers’ market, which turned into a trip to the artisans’ marked, and a trip to Black Mountain.  After spending some time in a most wonderful yarn shop, we headed back to the house for grilled cheese and fresh salads.  That’s when I saw the wifi signal was off.  Not flickering, off.  I reset the router.  No.  I moved the router to another phone jack.  No.  Oh dear.  Ragged put a shout-out to her brothers for some ideas and got the great advice to go to Barnes and Noble to borrow a cup o’ interwebs.

At this point, I would just like to say that I owe my college career not tanking right then and there to Ragged.  She wasn’t feeling great, but she stayed with me, answered questions about topics she had no reason to, and generally supported my addled mind and spirit.  I should have bought much more stuff for her this trip.

Does it even need said that once we returned to the house, the wifi light was cheerfully beaming?  I thought not.

However later when I was able to use the internet, it dropped connection frequently, so I still believe we did the right thing.

That night I made dinner (Elsa’s famous Creamy Eggplant Pasta with Walnuts), and I’m not entirely sure all those wonderful women should have trusted my mental capacities to cook right then, but they did, and it turned out fabulous as usual.  I can take no credit for that.

The next day – I didn’t have to do anything for class!  Wooooooo!!!!!!  We spent the morning grazing, then were fortunate enough to be guests of Ragged’s brother and his wife (and adorable daughter) at their house.  Such creative amazing people.  We got clued into a serious shoe shopping opportunity, so we headed back to the house, rested, regrouped, and went in search of shoes.  Five women, one discount shoe store – guess what happened?

Nary a single pair was bought.  I was on the search for some comfy sandals (I had my eye on some Merrills or Tevas) and found nothing in my size.  Ragged was looking for her dream pair and was also let down.  It was a sad thing.

But then we went to Malaprops!  I love Malaprops!  I bought a hippy-dippy tie-dyed t-shirt and a copy of Bird by Bird.  (shhhh, I’m thinking about wandering back into writing)  It was late Sunday, so we missed several of our other favorite haunts (Earth Guild, Purl’s Yarn Emporium).  However, it made for perfect timing to meet up with Ragged’s brother and family for ice cream!

When the place you’re going to is named “Ultimate Ice Cream”, you kind of have an expectation.  Met and exceeded.  I had a scoop of Belgian Dark Chocolate and Salted Caramel.  It was perfect.

Lest you think we would let ice cream spoil our dinner, fear not!  Once again, our own magician in the kitchen (no, not me – I only had kitchen duty one night) whipped up a chicken alfredo that would make you weep.  We retired to the couches for conversation, knitting, and there may have been a movie.

The next day, Ragged and I had to leave our friends early, as we had a long way ahead of us.  The trip back was uneventful, despite the GPS’s best efforts otherwise.

It’s been a whirlwind of a week, and I’m just now starting to slow down.  Tuesday was spent catching up on the course I’m teaching.  Wednesday was my spinning group and a massage.  Thursday was my mom’s bronchoscopy.  Yesterday was more catching up on the course I’m teaching.  Today was Ramblin’s birthday and a grocery run.  It’s also the kickoff for Tour de Fleece!  (shhhhh, don’t tell the French, or they’ll be after us like the USOC was)  Tomorrow will be a trip to Mom’s for lunch.  We’re bringing taco fixins because it’s twelve million degrees here.

But I don’t have any more homework until August.  :)

Spinning from TDF Day 1
TDF 2012- Day 1a

Getting there

Yeah, after all that worrying, I’m doing fine.  I have a 88 percent on the first half of the assignment, with the second half due to be posted tomorrow.  Then I have a 4-page paper due next Tuesday, followed by a 12-15 page equivalent project due June 21.

If it doesn’t do me in, I think I really like the compact format.  No time to procrastinate.

Not much time to do blog posts, either.