Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life


As you can see over in the sidebar, I’m not a grad student anymore.  And I’m still quite happy about that.  One of the best things is that instead of getting and Amazon shipment of books titled Cross-Talk in Composition Theory and The Rhetorical Tradition, I get fun things like these:

Weaving Books

Two of these were suggested by my friend last April when I told her I was thinking about getting the loom I’ll be acquiring.  The third, The Weaver’s Companion, just seemed like a good idea.

Since knitting will be a no-go, I think I’ll take Learning to Weave along with me for jury duty on Monday.  Or maybe I’ll take a Stephen King book.  Which one do you think is more likely to get me tossed off a jury?  :)  Actually, I’m not bothered by the prospect of serving on a jury.  I just know that it can result in both sides reaching an agreement at the eleventh hour, making all the time invested for naught.  Exactly why is it you need us to sit in uncomfortable chairs for all of it?

In knitting news, birthday gifts are underway.

Sign of Four - Lake Louise


I just started these socks, and they are moving so much faster.  Amazing what a difference good yarn and a non-fiddly pattern can make.

And I’m slowly progressing on my Loopy Ewe fourth quarter challenge.

Bile bag further along


Much more enjoyable studies, to be sure.

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