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When Socks Go Bad

I don’t know where October went.  Nary a pair of socks were completed for Sockoberfest.  That’s not to say I wasn’t knitting on socks, just that too much other stuff was going on.

The problem was the socks that I was working on.  They took me a while because of a trifecta of issues.

  1. yarn that tended to split
  2. bluntish needles
  3. fiddly three-stitches-out-of-one pattern

If I had any two of the above three, it wouldn’t have been a problem. It all just conspired against me.

I was whining to a friend about them, and she told me to give myself permission to rip them out.  And I knew that I could.  But I was so close, ripping them out would have been like throwing away the time spent to that point.  So, I just focused, toughed it out, and got them done.

Borracha done

That said, they are awfully fun socks. Just be sure you’ve got good points and non-splitty yarn. ;)

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