Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Yup, it’s the first day of the fall semester.  And guess who is only a teacher this time around and not a student?  This girl!  Wooooooo!!!!!! (I’ll replace the widget on the side one of these days.  It still feels too good to take it down quite yet.)

I had been feeling strange lately, like there were things I should be doing, so I couldn’t do the stuff I wanted to because of this weird ‘other’.  Then it hit me – the things I felt like I should be doing, I don’t have to do anymore.  Ever again. (no doctorate, thankyouverymuch)  It hardly seems real.  The last time I wasn’t a student (or at least in progress on a degree) was early 2004.  I took a break from summer of 2006-summer of 2007, but there was still the “you should be working on it” lingering over me.  And now, I’m done and then some.

Really, I cannot express how glad I am that I’m not having to read pages of academic-speak and come up with intelligent-sounding things to say about it.

Another new thing about this semester is that I am now teaching English Composition I.  Before, I was teaching developmental writing only.  I have a huge section of students, so I hope I’m good at it.  :)

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