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Getting crafty

While there’s no shortage of projects posted on this blog, they tend to be of a fibery nature.  Now for something completely different.

Last fall, we saw some beautiful yard art created by cut glass dishes stacked into flowers.  I loved them, even coveted one, but ultimately did not buy a single one.  Later, we realized we missed a perfect opportunity to get a present for Ramblin’s mom.  We talked about it, but never did anything about it, and really haven’t seen any of the flowers since then outside of Etsy.

Fast forward to last Sunday, when Ramblin was pondering what to get his mom for Mother’s Day.  He looked on Etsy, but shipping would throw a wrench into the plans.  I was going to the nearby town, and I thought surely the trend had made it this far.  Um, no.  So, I found a little secondhand store, acquired the necessary components, and away we went.

Ramblin created a wooden base for all of it, dremeled the contact points, epoxied them together, and painted the post aka rebar.  Ta-da!

Glass Flower


Glass Flower side view


Who knows what we might be capable of now that one of us isn’t tied to the computer and books all of the time.

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  1. very cool :-)

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