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The big 4-0

Yep, I’m 40.

I have mixed emotions about it.  I’ve never really dreaded getting older, but this birthday, I feel older.  I’ve probably aged 10 years this year.  I think that as long as you have a parent alive, you’re someone’s child.  I’m no one’s child now, so I guess by default that makes me an adult.

If anything, feeling older is a reminder that one doesn’t live forever, so you darn well better be doing what you love instead of putting that off for ‘later’.  Later is a luxury we just think we’re entitled to.  Later is a lie; now is the truth.

So, I intend to make sure I’m doing what I love or I’m actively working to get there.

As for the actual day’s events, I’m knitting.  I’m going to spin later.  I’ll go for a walk because it’s actually warm enough to do that comfortably (I’ve walked two days this week already – yay 2013 Plan!).  When Ramblin gets home, I have requested pizza and yellow cake batter ice cream for my birthday meal.  The best part is that can all be acquired in a few blocks from our house.  I love being a hermit.

As a wise friend advocates, the whole month (Or did she say week?  Nah, I’m pretty sure it was a month.) should be a celebration.  Now, note the counter in the sidebar over there.  That’s cutting back a bit on the celebrating, but we do have plans to whoop it up a bit in a couple of weeks at a local-as-it-gets fiber event.

And then, there are a few other treats in the future.  You know, like Europe.  ;)

Comments on: "The big 4-0" (2)

  1. I’m heading to Greencastle on Friday. Maybe I’ll see you. :)

    • needlefingers said:

      Cool! I wondered if you would be there. I’ll be the tall one with the long hair. ;)


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