Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Hi Blog! Remember me?


That’s really all that can be said.  But since I opened up a new post, I’ll add a few more words.

The List of Six has somehow turned into the List of Sixty.  Right now, overwhelmed barely touches it.  However, I have come to the conclusion that I need to preempt a few of the items to include this item at the top, every time.

  • Take care of myself

Remember the 2013 Plan?  It included exercise which is great self-care.  With all the stuff I have going, that gets shoved aside too frequently.  Although, I do have 260 fitness minutes for the month of March (I track my stuff on Sparkpeople).  Still, I can do better.

So, what’t the other five items on the list?

  • four responses for 682 (yeah, with spring break last week, work just doubled up)
  • one post for 660
  • two responses for 660
  • design the revision guidelines for the teaching-class
  • grade stuff

I’m going to be so happy when four of those items are gone.  And that will happen in 31 days!  I’m going to see if WordPress has a neat countdown widget.

And because maybe some of you come here for the knitting, here’s some knitting.
Foot Fetish side view


This is an awesome pattern, and it’s free (Ravelry link).  I’m going to knit it toe-up next time.  (I knitted it as is to qualify for a monthly challenge on Rav)  The pattern will run in reverse when I do that, and I think that will look equally neat.

One month and done – keep swimming, keep swimming . . .

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