Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

I don’t know that I really have anything new or exciting to post, but I feel like I should stay in the habit.  This week is spring break for my teaching, but not for my studying, so the list for the week still looks way too familiar:

  • read for 660 (though actually I have the reading done on this, just need to comb back through to get the relevant bits)
  • post in 660
  • respond to two posts in 660
  • read for 682 (this one is partially read as well, and it’s the last reading assignment for the semester in this course – yay!)
  • post in 682
  • respond to two posts in 682

There’s a few other things I need to do this week as well.  One includes getting the taxes finalized.  I just need to make a trip over to the CPA and sign off for them to be e-filed.  I had some work in mind for the classes I’m teaching, and I am working some of it in, but most of it will just have to wait.  Rumors abound that we might be changing textbooks for fall, so I don’t want to do a bunch of work only to have to redo it all over the summer.

My knitting has been very chaotic.  Projects selected, started, ripped out, repeat.  I *think* the sweater I’m working on right now is going well.  Let me get a few more rows in before I show it to you.  It’s quite fun, and I’ll need a picture to tell you about it properly.

What I hope is my last round of textbooks has been ordered.  I held off on these until later in the term because, geez, these courses needed a ton of them.  By ‘ton’, I mean ten.  Probably not a ton in anyone’s mind, but just be thankful you’re not the one that has had to read them.  Let’s just say they aren’t a quick read.  It’s interesting stuff, but I have to take lots of breaks to let my brain absorb it all.  Spring break for these courses will be in a couple of weeks, but I will probably be working on stuff anyway, so it will hardly matter.  What’s more important is in less than two months, I will be done.

And then this can turn back into a knitting blog.

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