Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

I’m proud to report I did everything I said I would in the last post.  Go me!  Now, what else do I need to do?

  • read for 660
  • post in 660
  • respond to two posts in 660
  • read for 682
  • post in 682
  • respond to two posts in 682
  • prep four sections of my courses, whoops, make that five – I have another class starting Monday

Yeah, that’s way more than six items.

Back to the 2013 Plan for Personal Enrichment (that’s what I’m calling it today), I’ve read a chapter in a for-fun book, The Hangman’s Daughter, I walked two miles on Monday, and I’m still knitting on the stash sweater I started this month.  Oooh, I haven’t showed you that yet.

Angel yoke

It’s further along that that as I now have a sleeve complete.  I’m really pleased with the striping of the Mushishi yarn.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m probably not going to gain a lot of ground on the 2013 Plan until I’m done with school.  And that’s okay.  I’ll work in what I can.

Still loving the Roku.  If you have Netflix and haven’t yet watched House of Cards, you really need to.


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