Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Okay, getting back on track, I’ve gotten quite a bit accomplished, but it seems like there’s stuff growing exponentially.  I *think* everything is done with the legal stuff – now it’s time for taxes.  Blergh.  Last year, my returns nearly drove me crazy, and I had decided I was going to hand it off to a tax professional.  Now that I’m a part-owner of our family farm, oh yeah, let the CPA do what he does best.

What else is on the menu:

Classes I’m taking – two posts and four responses in one course, one post and two responses in the other.  Be thinking about research projects.

Classes I’m teaching – set up modules for both spring courses, attempt to get at least some of the students back on track, and find some fun learning stuff regarding business letters.  If you have a resource for a fun activity about business letters, please, shout it out.

Blackboard training – this weekend I need to practice using Collaborate, then I’ll set up a time to demo with the CTL.  After that, one module left!

Reading – well, that’s fallen by the wayside, unless you count an enthralling book from 1976 about the profession of English.  After I finish that, it’s Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Knitting – Yes, there has been knitting.

Top-down Cardigan yoke

Exercise – I did walk two miles yesterday. Today didn’t get above freezing, so no. Tomorrow is snow/sleet/freezing rain, so no. Monday is supposed to be 50 degrees, so maybe.

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