Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Hmm, well, my List of Six met with some success.  I actually posted both of my introductions last night.  I graded some things in each of the courses.

And for my final item, I realize that a big part of my problem is reducing things into smaller chunks.  When I see an assignment, I tend to flail, “Augh, 20-page paper!”  Like it all has to be done in one setting.  That’s the way I tackle everything, and I either burn myself out or psych myself out.  Life would be so much better if I could get over that.

So, tomorrow’s List of Six is:

  • grade journals in the developmental writing course
  • grade the discussion board in the developmental writing course
  • complete another module in my Blackboard training
  • Read 100 pages for one of the courses I’m taking
  • Read/scan 150 pages for the other course
  • call the lawyer’s office to set the paperwork process on the farm in motion

That still looks like big chunks but doable.  I think.

In The Plan news, I completed the Bella Hoodie and finished the third book of the Hunger Games.  Exercise . . . yeah, did I mention it’s barely been above freezing?  It’s no excuse, but it’s still stopping me cold.  Pardon the pun.

Comments on: "The Fine Art of Dividing and Conquering" (3)

  1. Candy Loveridge said:

    I don’t see knitting, spinning or reading on your list. You know you’rs busy when you can’t read for pleasure. Did it for about 5 years except for school breaks. Nursing classes and full time work doesn’t leave much time for fun.

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