Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

That could have gone better

Eh, so the list didn’t go so well today.  I did get the lawyer’s office called and one Discussion Board forum graded.  No reading.  But I did get in a walk and a bit of strength-training for The Plan.

So, the phone call has necessitated some activity on my part.  In anticipation of tomorrow being a wash, let’s go with these six items:

  • handle legal stuff
  • grade journals
  • complete module in Blackboard training
  • read one chapter for class A (see, I’m learning about the smaller chunks)
  • read one chapter for class B
  • respond to all email

That last item is something I do anyway, but I figure I ought to give myself credit for doing so.  Today, part of the day was spent tracking down an issue a student emailed me about.  That counts as being productive because it’s something I have to do to keep my courses running smoothly.

Some of those items are still pretty large.  The legal stuff will take up the better part of the day.  Grading journals takes a long time because I have a personal goal to add a comment to each journal entry.

My stuff to do is just too unwieldy.  I’m going start counting things like waking up.

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