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DIC Perfectly Posh January 2013

Yes, that’s what you think it is. New yarn. But it’s not my fault. (hey, my students say that all the time; I just thought I would give it a try) See, The Loopy Ewe changed the rewards policy at the beginning of the year, and I had a credit in my account. That lovely yarn above was the January Dream in Color special club color. As in, not available regularly. As in, colors right in my wheelhouse. And TLE is having a First Quarter Challenge to knit a single-skein project with cables. Now, also in the interest of full disclosure, I could have participated by using yarn from the stash bought from TLE. But what fun would that be? Also because, see picture above.

In other news, the Bella Hoodie could be finished tonight. I *think* I’ve decided on my next aged stash project. And it takes a lot more than a single skein of yarn, so really, I’m still ahead in paring down the stash.

In addition to The Plan, I may be adopting another strategy.  Maya of Springtree Road shared a great productivity idea, and I am in some serious need of productivity help.  Okay, maybe I am accomplishing a lot, but I’m convinced it could be done with less stress and chaos.  And hey, maybe I can share most of my Lists of Six here, and it will be like built in accountability.  Except when I don’t post.  But I’ll work on that.

List of Six for tomorrow:

  • post introduction in my Stylistics course
  • post introduction in my Capstone course
  • grade my business writing course
  • grade my developmental writing course
  • grade my other developmental writing course
  • come up with smaller items for tomorrow’s List of Six

Yeeeah, that’s a lot of stuff.  I might start on it tonight in order to have a shot at getting it all done.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some introductions to post . . .

Comments on: "In the interest of full disclosure" (2)

  1. Well, I really can’t blame you for getting that yarn. It’s lovely!

    I hope the List of Six works for you. I got 5.5 of my 6 done today, and I feel pretty good about it!

  2. Candy Loveridge said:

    Love the yarn, Great color too. Looks nice, soft and smoochy. Not sure that’s a word, but I think you get my drift.

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