Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Hello 2013

I think we can all agree the less said about 2012 the better, yes?  It was a year of some good things but one exceptionally bad thing, and to get into a discussion right now would just be going over things we cannot change.  So, on to the new year!

I don’t know if I would call them resolutions, but I do have plans for the new year.

Reading:  After I finished up the master’s degree, a huge weight was off of my shoulders.  I started reading for fun again.  The fact that I stopped reading for fun was a mistake, but I felt like if I was reading, it should be academic.  Bleh – never again.  I maintained fun reading while working on the grad certificate and you know what?  I’m getting all As.  So yeah, I’m sticking with it.

  • Plan 1:  read at least four books a month for fun

Knitting:  Of course, I have never stopped knitting.  I don’t even want to know what that would be like, but rest assured it wouldn’t be pretty.  For the first part of 2012, I was actually doing really well at not acquiring new yarn.  In the second half, that got put aside a bit in the name of comfort-seeking.  But I’m back on track and using yarns that have been in the stash for too long.  I loved them when I bought them; why haven’t I used them?

  • Plan 2:  Use at least one aged stash yarn per month

Exercise:  Once again, in the first months of 2012, I was doing great with exercising.  Then everything went off the rails.  I started back in November with walking.  I need to keep that up, plus add my strength-training back in.

  • Plan 3:  Walk at least three days a week and strength train at least three days a week

Those are the main things I want to intentionally focus on.  There are several other things that I would like to work in, but I’m not going to overload myself.  I still have four months of courses to take (but only four months!), and I want to have plenty of space to do those well.  There are several for-fun courses I might look into after that – glass blowing, pottery, and a dance class.  The dance class is the one I’m least sure about because I have no sense of natural rhythm, but hey, anything that makes your body move is exercise, regardless how ridiculous you look doing it.

You’ll notice I didn’t mention travel.  Well, I don’t consider that something I need to ‘work’ on because we are quite good at doing that already.  2013 will see us going to Ireland, Wales, England, and Paris, France.  2014 already holds a Caribbean cruise.  I have an Alaskan itinerary plotted out but not (yet) the date.  Yeah, we’ve got that down pat.

To hold myself accountable, I should report back here each week on my progress.  We’ll see how that goes.


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