Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life


Here’s some pictures, as promised.  These are a basketweave design I made up, using Araucania Multy sock yarn.
Basketweaves done

And here are the new fun ones I started. It’s my own pattern using Biscotti & Cie Felix in Purple Rain, so I named them “The Socks Formerly Known as Yarn.” I amuse myself to no end.

Purple Rain beginning

Today, I had my regular massage (Seriously, if I was running for president, that would be the national healthcare plan right there.  Two years with nary a sinus/upper respiratory crud.), went to lunch with a coworker (Okay, since I word (hey, that’s kind of funny since I teach writing)work from home that would technically mean the cat, but I’m referring to my previous coworker in the advising office that’s still kind of my coworker since I’m teaching for them instead.  Whatever, go with me on it.), and then we had lovely salted caramel mochas from I’Mpressed.  Also, the cat would not have enjoyed a salted caramel mocha.

Three days in a row.  I’m not sure what kind of planetary mischief I might be setting off.

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