Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

And the course rolls on.  I submitted my second major assignment, and once again, I have no idea if I even came close to what I was supposed to do.  The instructions are very clear, but my concern stems from not being at a high enough level of discourse.  Somewhere along the line, I’ve become tangled in the notion that if the writing can be understood, it’s not complex enough.  On one level, I understand that’s faulty logic, yet it persists.

After almost 200 hours of college credits, you would think I would be over this.  Nope.

On a positive note, I was checking out the textbooks for fall.  In one course, the prices were $91.20 and $108 for new editions.  Ouch.  The other course required four with a total around $114.  However, since I have plenty of time and don’t have to rely on the bookstore for quick shipping, I decided to have a look around at some other options.  I’m happy to report that the $91.20 book will be making its way to me for a mere $17.75.

Maybe if I start reading it now, I’ll be able to talk about it intelligently by fall.

Comments on: "One of these days, I’m going to be better at this" (1)

  1. I like to rent my textbooks. At least the ones I don’t feel that I will keep.

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