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Kauai was another port where we spent an overnight stay. It was a short second day as we would do a sail-by that afternoon by the Napali Coast.

We only had one activity for the day, a helicopter tour of the island, and there was a bit of a hiccup. When we got back from the luau the night before, I had a missed call from the tour company. Earlier in the week, when I called to confirm, they had lost our reservation. However, they were able to schedule us an hour later. (confirmation numbers meant NOTHING) After giving all of my information again, they ‘found’ the first reservation. I confirmed, “So, we’re good for the 9:30 flight?” They assured me we were.

Fast forward to Friday morning, I had to wait until they opened at 8:00 to talk to someone. Why no, there is no record of us having a 9:30 flight, but they can get us on at 10:30. Sigh. So, we had our time that day split in half, leaving no opportunity to do any additional sightseeing. The original plan would have left us with a solid chunk of 2 1/2 hours after the tour. Now we would have maybe an hour or so, and that’s just not enough leeway.

Now if you will remember, our first helicopter trip earlier in the cruise left me a bit woozy. In fact, when I called the first time to confirm, the person had said, “I guess you haven’t seen the weather for Thursday and Friday; we’re supposed to get storms.” One, no you don’t get The Weather Channel when you’re on a cruise ship; and two, when I made the reservations back in January, I didn’t call Miss Cleo first to check on that. Add the first heli wooziness coupled with the mass confusion about the reservation, and I really didn’t care if they canceled our tour. Meh.

But, there were clear-ish skies (for Hawaii), and we were a go. This is where I got the tip that saved the ride for me – don’t focus on the camera much at all. Thank you, Wayne. You have my eternal gratitude. Now, you’ll have to forgive the pictures as we were in a helicopter, and it was raining a bit, and I really wasn’t focusing on the camera.

First up, the Waimea Canyon.

Waimea Canyon from heli 5

Waimea Canyon from heli 3

Waimea Canyon from heli 1

Waimea Canyon from heli 4

Waimea Canyon from heli 7

Waimea Canyon from heli 6

Then we started to head to the Napali Coast.

Waimea Canyon from heli 2

Kauai from heli 3

Kauai from heli 2

Kauai from heli 1

Kauai from heli 4

Hanalei Bay

This trip was so much more enjoyable since I wasn’t feeling like I was going to pass out. We headed back to the ship, got lunch at the buffet, and waited until the evening sail-by. We would be going by the Napali Coast, the beautiful cliffs we had just toured from the air.

Napali Coast

Napali Coast 2

And as we turned around to head back to Oahu, we were sent off with yet another beautiful Hawaiian rainbow.

Napali Coast rainbow

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