Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

As I mentioned, NCL has the most port days in Hawaii.  A nice benefit to this is getting overnight stays on two of the ports, and the first of these overnights was in Maui.  For our second day, we had a whale-watch excursion planned.   I should mention that the POA docks at Kahului, whereas most of the other cruise ships are in Lahaina, but they have to tender in.  For those not salty sea-dogs like us, a tender port requires the ship to anchor off the coast, and the crew uses the lifeboats to ferry people to the dock.

Our whale-watching trip left out of Lahaina, so we had to board a bus to get to the other side of the island.  The company providing the trip was the Pacific Whale Foundation.

PWF boat

This was our fourth whale-watching experience, and while we did not get as close to the whales as we have in the past, we did get to see some unusual things.  One was a competition pod.  This was a group of males trying to beat all the rest of the whales silly woo one female.

competition pod of whales

More whales

We also saw a mother and calf with lots of breaching, but of course being further away, I didn’t get great pictures of it.

whale breach

Afterward, we make our way to the PWF store to purchase some goods and pick up a free poster as a thank-you for going on the trip.  Since we booked through the cruise ship, we had the benefit of extra time in Lahaina until 3 pm, but time was quickly slipping away.  Instead of a proper lunch, we opted instead for a Hawaiian shaved ice for me and ice cream for Ramblin.  As we waited for the return bus, we looked around Hilo Hatties, a Hawaiian clothing store with locations throughout the islands.

Later that evening, we would once again eat in the Aloha cafe.

Monk Seal in Lahaina

Monk Seal

Banyan Tree in Lahaina (this is all one tree)

Banyan Tree in Lahaina

View of West Maui Mountains

view from PWF boat

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