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Embarkation – Day 2

Saturday, we were ready to board the ship.  After yet another wonderful breakfast buffet, we returned to our room to wait until time for our shuttle.  What should we see heading for the pier?

POA heading for the pier

Of course, we still had a few hours (getting 2100 people off a ship and putting it back to rights takes a while), so we just enjoyed the breezes from our balcony.  We had two visitors, dubbed George and Gracie by Ramblin.

George and Gracie

Finally, it was time to meet for the shuttle.  The shuttle was a bit late (chalk it up to ‘island time’) which only made the anticipation increase.  Finally it arrived, and we were on our way.  Despite having sailed before, seeing the ship for the first time was still exciting.  If you haven’t been on a cruise ship, you just can’t imagine the magnitude.  Unlike our Alaskan cruise, dropping off the luggage, going through security, and completing check-in went fairly quick.  We were soon aboard and heading to the Aloha Cafe for the lunch buffet.

After we were through with lunch, we had planned to wander the ship a bit.  Cabins are not typically ready until after 2pm, and they had started announcing the decks that were done.  Just as we were walking through the pool area, our deck was announced.  Same as in
Alaska, we had reserved a balcony cabin.  Is a balcony necessary?  No.  Is it nice?  Oh so very.  While the cabin was ready, our luggage had not yet arrived (which is standard as well), but we did lounge in the room until it was time for our muster drill at 5pm.

A little before 5, we headed to our muster station.  Conveniently, our luggage had appeared outside our door, so we stashed it until later.  The muster was five decks down, and there were already several fellow cruisers there.  In very little time, we were briefed about the safety procedures and were free to roam about.  We returned to the room, unpacked, grabbed the cameras, and headed for the upper decks.

The ship was scheduled to sail at 7pm, so we headed up to the top deck to watch the sunset and take some last pictures of Honolulu.  We were even graced with another rainbow.

Embarkation rainbow

That evening, we went to the opening show.  There was information from the cruise director and a number from the production staff.  Then the comedian, Tim Kaminski, came to the stage.  Oh my word.  I can’t describe what happened that evening, but here’s just a sample of what it was like.

They replayed that show the rest of the week, and it was just as funny the seventh time of watching it.

After that, we were tired little pups, so off to bed we went.


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