Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

I love technology, but it’s often balanced by a need to be thrifty.  Would I love a smartphone?  You bet I would.  Am I going to pay the rate required to use said smartphone?  Nope.  I’m currently working on what I need to do to increase my earning power, but at this point in the ballgame, it’s simply an expense that doesn’t make sense.  There’s an income threshold that I might entertain the notion (or if BoostMobile was available in our area, or if we were in an area it was), but for now, traveling is the top dog for the discretionary income.  If the thing can’t teleport me to Maine, I have no need for it.

Every one, it seems, has an e-reader.  I liked the idea, but once again, it wasn’t a thing I needed to spend money on.  It’s a uni-tasker, to use Alton Brown’s terminology.  I knew there was an app for the Ipod touch, but I thought I wouldn’t enjoy reading on the backlit screen since much of teaching online is, you guessed it, reading on a backlit screen.

Well, while the true e-ink device may be easier on the eyes, the app is darned impressive.  I can send my PDF knitting patterns to it wirelessly, as opposed to the convoluted method I was using earlier.  I’ve already read a complete book on it.  I think eventually I will get the full-fledged Kindle, but for right now, I’m content.

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  1. I have not regretted my purchase of a e-Ink device one bit. I got the Nook when it first came out and also got a Simple Touch Nook which I love even more than I did my first Nook. I have BN app on my Android phone, but only use it in a pinch. I much prefer reading on my e-ink screen. If you can swing it, I think you will enjoy one.

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