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Feeling Fruity

What you see above is the fruit I purchased at Big Box Store today.  That fruit should last us a week.  (Disclaimer:  I am making an apple dessert this weekend, hence the two bags of apples.)

I have loved fruit all my life.  Who loved pomegranates before pomegranates were cool?  This gal.  I can’t think of a single fruit (outside of Andrew Zimmerman’s durian – anything described as “completely rotten, mushy onions” is not on my menu) that I wouldn’t eat.  There are favorites, of course, and some that I wouldn’t necessarily choose.  If given a choice between some decadent chocolate dessert or a fruit platter, I’m picking the fruit.  Yeah, really.

The reason I’m making a dessert is that we are celebrating my uncle’s birthday, and a bag of apples simply doesn’t shout, “Celebrate!”  It will probably be something similar-ish to this apple crisp recipe.   As I recall, I might have made this last year.

Now, as you can probably surmise, I’m not eating all of this fruit myself.  You don’t spend 15 years with a person without some things being contagious, and Ramblin has got the fruit bug.  I think his downfall started last summer when I got the notion to start making smoothies.  (I won’t show you the frozen fruit stash – oh yes, there is one!)

As we all know, every smoothie recipe ends with “. . . and a banana.”  I don’t care what combination you’re making, there’s going to be a banana involved.  So, I started keeping them on hand.  And we started running out of bananas before we even got the smoothies made. We now even have a banana-buying strategy: we buy now-nanners and later-nanners.  Now-nanners are ready to be consumed immediately.  They are that nice yellow shade with maybe just a few scuffs of brown.  Later-nanners are yellow-green and need a few days to ripen fully, during which time we consume the now-nanners.

What?  Don’t look at me like that.  It’s genius.  Sheer genius.


Comments on: "Feeling Fruity" (4)

  1. the banana buying strategy is totally normal. I do it all the time. I too, can barely keep fruit in the house. We consume obscene quantities in our house; of course there are 10 of us. :-)

  2. I freeze the old bananas (remove the skin) and then make bread with them. I haven’t tried this yet, but I’m told you can make smoothies with them as well. I have a Vitamix so I make smoothies often….. I also have a 2-year-old that refuses to eat most veggies, so that’s another reason for smoothies. :)

    • needlefingers said:

      We would freeze them about a day before making smoothies for a really nice icy creaminess, but as far as freezing old bananas, they never last that long around here. :)

  3. That banana thing? I thought everybody bought bananas that way…

    And we don’t have bananas around long enough to freeze for bread either…if I want bread, I have to buy an extra bunch – usually the ones from the bottom of the display, since they’re most likely already getting to that super-squishy point.

    I actually checked out a Club warehouse for produce…don’t bother, their prices are the same as the regular groceries, and the quality is by far worse.

    I prefer buying my produce from the big box store with the bulls-eye…it actually stays good for the duration of time between shopping trips!

    Enjoy, and I hope that the apple dessert turns out splendidly!

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