Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

Well, Mercury being retrograde has messed with the knitting projects, but the good news is the food has been fantastic.  I credit Elsa with inspiring me.  :)

Last week, I made one of our new favorites.  This was inspired by the tri-color potatoes that are sold at the folksy fairs.  I didn’t have three kinds, but I did use russets and sweet potatoes.  Sliced, salted and peppered, touch of oil, then fried.  Excellent.

Then last weekend, we were introduced to Great Harvest Bread Company Tomato Bisque Soup.  Oh my.  I needed a recipe.  And I found one.

I didn’t have celery on hand.  But it still turned out really good.

I also used less chicken broth (3 cups, I believe) and used a large can of crushed tomatoes.

Then after pureeing it, I added evaporated milk instead of the heavy cream.  I tossed in a bit more sugar and some red pepper flakes.

Then what goes great with soup?  Bread!

This is pretty much the standard Dill Casserole Bread recipe.  This was my first attempt at a yeast bread, and I’m happy to report I successfully channeled my champion-bread-baking grandma.

I used regular cottage cheese since I had it on hand and wasn’t interested in buying the creamed stuff.

I didn’t get to let it rise quite as long as I would have liked, but it still raised a respectable amount.

Both recipes received rave reviews.  Yay!

Now to get back on track with the knitting.  Crazy planets.


Comments on: "Okay, so maybe it’s not a knitting blog anymore" (1)

  1. Sounds delicious!!! If you figure out how to make delicious gluten free dill tell.

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