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Vacation 2011 Part B

Yes, as those of you who know us, we’ve made the decision that a vacation every six months is required for our heads to not go all ‘splodey.  May was Alaska, and while it’s not quite been six months yet, the time has come.

Hello Maine.  Oh, how I’ve missed you.


We officially got underway last night, driving to Indy in preparation for an o’dark thirty flight some crazy woman keeps booking for us.  (Yes, I am my own travel agent.)  This morning began before five Indy-time, four as far as our brains were concerned.  Unlike last time, we didn’t have any screaming babies, fainting womem, or children with nosebleeds on our flights.  We had a layover in DC, and then about 11:30 am, we were in Portland.  We picked up the rental car and were on our way to Bar Harbor with a few scenic detours along the way.

Despite the best laid plans, we didn’t get to everything we hoped to, but with the drizzly day, it’s okay to have something for the way back.  We had to trust Lady Luck and Garmin for a lunch stop, and Captain’s Fresh Idea in Waldoboro, ME hit the spot.  Lobster roll for Ramblin, a grilled chicken salad for me (They were out of salmon!  I was crushed!), and then we were back on the trail.

We arrived in Bar Harbor about 7pm.  Our host gave us a tour of the B&B, then we walked down to The Thirsty Whale.  Plenty of salmon there.  I got a salad with a HUGE chunk of grilled salmon accompanied by a locally brewed blueberry soda, while Ramblin got the blackened haddock and coleslaw.  After our meal, we walked around Bar Harbor as many of the shops were still open.  One in particular was Ben and Bill’s Chocolate Emporium where we tried four out of the numerous selections of ice cream (a scoop each of Mocha Chip and Husky Lovers for me, Double Oreo and Mud Pie for Ramblin).

We wandered a bit further, then headed back to the Inn.  Tomorrow, the whales await.


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