Not just a hobby, it's a way of Life

. . . . to swim.

That’s right, yours truly never learned to swim.  Blame a childhood out in the sticks, with no access to a pool.  I never learned to ride a bike, either.  Gravel roads don’t really facilitate such things.

My mom did sign me up for lessons once, but ‘hold-on-to-the-side-and-kick-now-float-now-swim’ really wasn’t clicking with me.  Like if I handed you knitting needles and yarn and said, “Hold the needles like this, wrap the yarn around your fingers like this, now knit,” wouldn’t make any sense to you.  Except for the blog readership that already knows how to knit.  For everyone else, there’s a few steps missing.

But today, I took my first ever strokes, at the ripe old age of never-you-mind.  Yesterday, I spent the time drifting on a floaty noodle, working my arms and legs, but not quite ready to be on my own.  Today, I spent time floating with my arms outstretched, still clinging to the noodle.  I had been reading up on how to swim, (that’s right, I have to read it for it to make any sense) and using a floaty really wasn’t recommended because it doesn’t teach you to depend on yourself to stay afloat.  Hokay.  After a few attempts at floating on my back with the sides of the pool to support me, I let go.

And I did it.  Ramblin had been coaching me on how to breathe, because while it’s probably second-nature to all of you who have swam since you were tadpoles, it’s not to a noob.  After a few times of that, I floated on my tummy.  And then, all of a sudden, it made sense to just lean into it and move my arms and legs.  I’m not saying it’s the prettiest form you’ve ever seen, but nonetheless, propellation was happening.  This is huge.

Ramblin says next up is the bike.  Meh.

In other developments, Vacation 2011 Part B is in the planning stages.  What has happened to these people who never wanted to travel?  We’re addicted, I tell you, addicted.  It looks like we’re heading back to Maine, and I couldn’t be happier.  I love Maine.  Luuuurrrvvvve it.  And do you know what Maine means?  More whales!  And maybe eagles!  And a moose would be awesome!

Like those famous shirts say, “Life is Good.”

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