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SAFF 2010

First thing you need to know, it’s not the tractor show.

Yes, people looking for tractors would have been sadly disappointed.

SAFF 2010 - dyed haul

SAFF 2010 - Little Barn haul

People looking for fiber, however, would have found heaven.

The undyed fibers and yarns above are all from Little Barn.  That Lewis made me fall down hard.  But you cannot pass on the show specials.  He used to be a vendor at Greencastle, and I forgot how much I missed him.  My wallet doesn’t, but that’s beside the point.

The dyed yarns and fibers came from Dragonfly Fibers (Djinni Sock on left in Starry Night), Knitty and Color (huge purple, green, and black Monster Mash batt, plus braids of  Aspen and Forest Floor), Miss Babs (two huge skeins and the purple sock skein), and Moonwood Farm (bag of fiber, plus the batt on the lower right).

There were easily several more I could have picked up, but a girl has to show some restraint.  *chokes back laughter*

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  1. You were supposed to smuggle me in your suitcase so I could get some loot. Don’t forget me next time. I will find some purple fleece to bribe you with.

    Ps tell your fella, “great video”


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