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All over the map

It’s yet another post with no pictures (and worse yet, no progress on any socks for Socktoberfest).  The good news is I’m carefully optimistic that the sweater is going to work.  I know I probably hexed myself with that remark, but what can I say, I live on the edge.

Tomorrow (today for most people, but it was posted yesterday, so it was tomorrow) my mom will get her stitches out and we’ll find out details on the area they removed.  Really hoping it was very small and completely contained.

Ramblin and I have been watching the Chilean miner rescue on CNN.   We both thought Larry King seemed drunk.  Or maybe that’s just how he is.

No one showed up at the office expecting hugs today.  Thank goodness.

And no, I have not worked on my research paper.

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  1. I am coming in for my hug next week, Make sure you are ready!

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