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Hideously boring blog post

So, the paper that I need to reformat/rewrite/pretty much do all over again is about Success in Online Courses – how to define success, what makes some students succeed, what contributes to students failing, and how do we tell if what we do makes a difference.

I know, that makes you want to run right out and sign up to get a master’s degree, doesn’t it?  Yeah, me neither, but at this point, it’s too late to turn back.

Those chunks I’m working on follow along these lines:

What is online learning?

How many students are using online learning?

What are the success rates, and how are those rates defined?

What are the characteristics of successful online students?

What issues are identified as roadblocks to success?

What techniques might be implemented to encourage success?

How will the success of those efforts be measured?

How can that information be plugged back into the process to make improvements, aka “closing the loop”?  (for those not in higher ed, that’s the current buzz phrase)

zzzzzzzzzzzz . . . . Huh?  Why yes, yes, it is quite riveting. What has actually helped me make a breakthrough and give a gleam of hope this will get done is that my grad committee finally gave me feedback (only about eight months late) and it became clear – it’s all about assessment.  And what is the current trend that has all of higher ed in a kerfluffle?  Assessment!  And that means lots of academia is writing articles and articles about assessment (I suspect in an effort to avoid actually having to do assessment) which means I have paper fodder!!!!!  This is no small thing, people – get excited!!!!!

Let’s move on to more scintillating topics – tomorrow is Socktoberfest!!!!!  (and suddenly, it becomes apparent why it’s taken me six years to get through grad school)

Another sock may have entered the lineup.  Maybe.  More details tomorrow.

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