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Socktoberfest is nigh!

Three more days and it will be Socktoberfest!  And I have plans.  Oh yes, there are plans.

1)  Argonauta in Numma Numma Toasty in “Boysenberry Preserves”

Toasty - Boysenberry Preserves

2) Cascading Leaves (could only find the Rav link), mostly likely in Bugga “Oak Timberworm” or “Autumn Tiger Beetle”


3) Shur’tugal (non-Rav free download here)  in The Woolen Rabbit Harmony in “Chocolate Chambord”

Woolen Rabbit Chocolate Chambord

4) (ambitious, much?)  Herringbone Rib Socks in Koigu, um, this one.  Maybe.

Koigu - P112 91

And that’s all I have planned for the moment.  Subject to change.  This all incorporates yarns I’ve collected but haven’t knit with.  The Woolen Rabbit was Ragged’s recent unclub pick. (which had been tempting me from reading Anne Hanson’s blog)  I’ve knitted with Koigu, but not socks.  Good grief, how can I not have knitted a Koigu sock?!  I got Koigu (a lot), I knit socks (a lot) – what the heck?!

Socky goodness – I has it.  Bring on Socktoberfest!

Comments on: "Socktoberfest is nigh!" (1)

  1. You’re so funny sometimes. Enjoy the Koigu socks.

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